Alberta launched an advanced ordering system for cannabis retailers

In the wake of cannabis legalization, Alberta launched an advanced ordering system for private retailers of recreational cannabis.

Recreational cannabis legalization shook most of the country. Fortunately, Alberta doesn’t seem too fazed.

Ontario and it’s provincial online dispensary fell apart in the first weeks, so to say. Deliveries were late, delayed, canceled—and people got mad.

Albertans took legalization pretty well and they’re already working on ways to resolve the few issues they have. They even had time to release a proper guide for responsible using.

Advanced ordering system

The provincial government launched an ordering system for private retailers that should prevent shortages in the future.

This system will enable private retailers to easily access the LDB’s wholesale offering and quickly place orders.

Private retailers, who are awarded a sales license from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch, will have to apply for LDB’s private retailer registration process afterwards.

LDB has been working to develop a quality wholesale assortment since February 2018 and announced the release of this program earlier in the year.

The provincial government released an initial estimation of about 250 retailers, but over 650 applied for a license by the end of June.

LDB announced a 15% markup on all cannabis sold to retailers and via its online store, as a means of combating the black market.

First private retailer opens doors to Albertans

The first provincial retailer in Alberta opened its doors to customers on Saturday in Lethbridge, going by the name of NewLeaf Cannabis.

Even though the store opened two weeks after legalization, many shoppers came to witness the opening.

One man even came the night before opening at around 2 AM.

The next person came at around 5 AM, and then more and more started coming.

Two more NewLeaf stores are expected to open on the West Side of the city next week.

The AGLC also granted licenses to two other private retailers: Twenty Four Karats and Spiritleaf.

Production of industrial hemp on the rise in Alberta

Industrial hemp is legal in Canada for production, and now with the legalization the production of hemp is projected to rise significantly.

Farmers across Alberta are getting ready for the boom and calling hemp the next canola.

Canola was a crop that was selectively bred by a team of researchers in the 1970s and since became a billion-dollar industry for Canada.

Just like hemp, it can be used for oil, edible seeds, protein powders and more.

However, farmers are especially motivated to grow hemp because of the changes the Cannabis Act brought.

According to the Act, hemp farmers can sell the whole plant to cannabis producers (such as Aurora, Tweed, etc.) which can use them for extraction and making of CBD products.

Alberta is the second largest producer of hemp in Canada, trailing behind Saskatchewan.

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