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Americans really need to wait for marijuana to be fully legal

Canada, America’s neighbor to the north, has been all about legalizing and regulating recreational marijuana on the federal level this year. The United States has made some moves as well, but mainly stemming from grassroots movements and mostly on a state level.

Legalization of recreational marijuana throughout Canada has left American citizens to the south of the border with the itch for legal weed.

Driven by the legalization in Canada, the Pacific US and several other regions in North America, American citizens have now started getting themselves into more and more trouble over the course of this year.

Just in the last few days a couple huge weed-related busts have happened all over the continental US.

Not Santa’s cookies

Highway troopers have arrested a 58-year-old man and a 27-year-old man, both from Florida, under the suspicion of possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and illegal use of a firearm, both of which have not been formally charged.

State troopers pulled over a U-Haul truck Tuesday on Interstate 70 in Lafayette County.

During the stop, the troopers searched the vehicle and found just over 23 pounds of marijuana-infused edibles, as well as 4 pounds of marijuana and a pistol.

After a routine stop following a traffic light violation, the troopers reported the smell of marijuana coming from the U-Haul vehicle.

“We’re seeing more and more edibles containing THC-infused chemicals and marijuana,” Sgt. Stosberg said. “And obviously the concern is what if that gets in the hands of a child.”

After searching the cargo area, state troopers quickly found the illegal contents.

Action in Nebraska

In Nebraska’s Douglas County we also saw some action this week as a huge bust went down on the highway.

Douglas County Chief Deputy Sheriff Tom Wheeler called it a “top 10 bust” for the agency.

A California woman was arrested on the highway after deputies seized 462 pounds of marijuana and hundreds of vials of hash oil in what is likely the biggest drug bust for Douglas County in recent years.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Tom Wheeler reported that the marijuana and oils were all of high quality. On the street, these products would go for about 2 million and then some.

Amazingly, this bust also happened after a routine traffic stop, in which the women driving with California registrations and a U-Haul trailer was stopped for a traffic violation.

After the K-9 unit started sniffing on its own around the vehicle, officers searched the vehicle and found illegal contents. The un-named women claimed she was on her way to Michigan.

She has been booked on suspicion of possession with intent to deliver and failure to affix a tax stamp.

Cops got Grandma too

In a photo which hundreds of Twitter users are now making a public outcry about, the York County Sheriff’s Department showed their catch of 60 pounds of raw marijuana.

The reason for the public outcry is the fact this huge bust was made by busting an elderly couple.

Deputies pulled over 80-year-old Patrick Jiron and 83-year-old Barbara Jiron, both of Clearlake Oaks, California, after yet another simple traffic violation.

Dozens of people get arrested every week in what most definitely resembles an emerging pattern of law enforcement officers pulling over people for the simplest traffic violations.

After the initial assessment of the vehicle and the driver, deputies felt a strong marijuana-like odor coming from the vehicle, similarly to the previous 2 cases.

Barbara and Patrick stated in the official report that they were taking the marijuana to Vermont as presents for Christmas.

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