Asian countries warn their citizens of smoking cannabis in Canada

Asian countries are aggressively warning their citizens not to smoke recreational cannabis on their trips to Canada as that might land them a ticket to jail when they land back home.

About a week ago South Korea prompted their citizens not to consume cannabis abroad as they might be put in jail upon their return. Now two more Asian countries are threatening their citizens in the same manner.

The two countries in question are Japan and China, both of which are known for traditionally having tough cannabis regulation and prohibition laws.

To be more precise, China didn’t threaten incarceration, but they did advise their citizens, students in particular, “to avoid contact with and use of marijuana for the sake of ensuring your own physical and mental health.”

Official warnings

These warnings appeared on the websites of the Chinese consulate in Toronto and Japanese consulate in Vancouver.

The South Korean embassy in Canada tweeted the following to their citizens:

“Even in a place where marijuana is legalized, if our citizens smoke, purchase, possess or deliver marijuana, it’s a criminal act, so they will be punished. Please be careful.”

It would seem that South Koreans are taking this issue with utmost seriousness.

There are several other countries across the Asian continent which are known to be extremely against any type of drugs, including cannabis.

Those countries are mostly located in the Middle East such as UAE,  and the island-nations in the South-West of the continent, such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and several others.

It is not yet clear how South Korea and Japan plan on enforcing these warnings, as testing every citizen upon returning from Canada would be an invasion of human rights.

Police and customs officials in South Korea declined calls asking for a comment on this topic.

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