British Columbia signed supply deals with a record number of licensed producers

British Columbia has by far the longest-standing cannabis culture among the provinces, and now they also have more than 30 licensed producers supplying them with recreational cannabis.

In a record-setting deal, the government of British Columbia signed 31 licensed producers from all across the country which will supply the western province with recreational cannabis.

So far, British Columbia has been looking extremely promising when it comes to the possibilities which are offered in this province.

The B.C. government decided to go with a very liberal model in which the provincial government will only handle the supply-side of the deal in the sense of wholesale.

Wholesale will be run by the B.C. LDB, although cannabis won’t be available in LDB stores or any other government facilities.

Retail will be handled by private businesses and other entities. Recreational cannabis will be available both online and on the ground in British Columbia.

The LDB announced last Wednesday that they have entered into memorandums of understanding with 31 licensed producers.

“The volume, variety and quality of our product assortment speak to the LDB’s commitment to working towards eliminating the illicit market,″ said Blain Lawson in a statement, LDB GM and CEO.

The first provincial cannabis store will be open in a Kamloops shopping center, a decision which was based on the cities zoning laws for pot shops.

The Canadian federal government estimates that around 400,000 kilograms of cannabis is sent every year via Canadian postal services, although they aren’t certain how much of that amount is from the black market as the medical cannabis being dispensed by licensed producers is shipped via mail to the patients as well.

Last year the Canadian medical cannabis program produced around 33,000 kg of product, which was sent via mail to as many as 168,000 patients across the country.

The provincial government expects the cannabis market in B.C. to bring in around $75-million a year to the province in taxes, with legal sales estimated to be worth around a billion dollars.

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