Calgary Marijuana Dealer Says Black Market Will Thrive

A Calgary marijuana dealer has agreed to an interview with CBC Calgary News, of course under the condition he remained anonymous in order to explain how he and dealers alike will possibly profit from the LCBO model of regulating recreational cannabis sales.

The cannabis black market is thriving in Canada, and young people have an extremely easy way of accessing unregulated cannabis via street dealers and small-time illegal growers. Even crossing the border and acquiring some in the US isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Calgary dealer pointed out as well at the ease of acquiring cannabis in Canada today. He thinks that the LCBO model will push users toward him and dealers alike.

“If it goes Ontario’s model, I become richer,” dealer said. “If they do private, they have a chance to compete.”

The dealer also said that he started selling cannabis to his friends at first as a mean of maintaining his own supply, which about seven years ago turned into a full-fledged job. He believes that he sells around 150kg of marijuana in a year.

Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, said in a statement that having limited retail outlets “will do virtually nothing to combat the huge illegal market.”

Consumers will be able to buy recreational marijuana online in Ontario, but only with proof of age and a digital signature as a way of confirming your identity.

Calgary is yet to announce its sales model, given that Alberta announced the provincial pot plan but has not yet decided on the sales model. Alberta’s plan calls for:

  • A minimum age of 18 to buy or consume marijuana.
  • Public possession limit of 30 grams (with no limit on possession in private residences).
  • Allowing up to four plants to be grown per household, up to one meter high.
  • A ban on smoking and vaping marijuana in vehicles, even for passengers.
  • No online sales.

“If they’re looking at $10 or $11 grams in nondescript packaging that only is sold during the hours of the LCBO, they’re going to get destroyed,” the dealer said regarding Alberta’s model.

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