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Canada to Train New Drug Enforcement Officers Prior to Legalization

Nowadays everyone wants to get their hands on legal weed as soon as possible, but that is the only weed they will be getting their hands since Canada is making new Drug Reinforcement policy.

This policy will be focused on hiring and training new officers to serve as the first line of defense in the upcoming battle against illegal importation of marijuana, quality control and more.

As soon as 2018 comes around the corner, Canada will have 2 new Drug Recognition Evaluators – also know’s as DRE’s. Their duty will not be focused solely on cannabis, as it is not the only drug being illegally imported and trafficked into Canada.

Here is a clear example how the drug recognition evaluators will actively help the society: If a driver fails a breathalyzer, he or she is arrested and brought to the nearest DRE officer for further testing and evaluation. Once the tests are done and results come in, the DRE might or might not find sufficient evidence of drug impairment.

So far in 2017 alone, currently employed drug recognition enforcement officers have found 30 such cases which had sufficient evidence to press forth with charges for impaired driving.

Even though the success rate today is much bigger than several years before, this program didn’t always have such a high success rate. Only 5 years ago, the percentage of successful cases which ended with a rightful charge was just over 45%, with 20 cases falling through and only 18 having sufficient evidence for a charge.

Staff Sgt. Mike Hinsberger said: “Because it was a fairly new science, the officers were relatively new at recognizing the symptoms of the drug impairment,” as well as that “As a result, a lot of the tests they did they just couldn’t make a conclusive determination of impairment.”.

The traffic services branch report says that increasingly more DRE officers may be hired and trained in response to the legalization of marijuana as:

  • DRE officers spend an increasing amount of time in court, as they will be called to testify as expert witnesses.
  • DRE officers spend more time preparing blood warrants and production orders relating to the investigation of collisions.

Keep in mind this policy, and if you think smoking in the park might be a good idea, make sure you haven’t forgot about DRE.


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