Cannabis Act Returns to the Canadian House of Commons

Canada’s House Leader Bardish Chagger has announced that the Cannabis Act, otherwise known as bill C-45 is expected to make a return to the House of Commons floor for further debate next week.

Chagger said the government will be bringing the bill back to the floor before the House for report stage next Wednesday, November 1.

This move allows members of the House to again consider the bill as a whole with input and consideration from the House Standing Committee on Health. They will also have the chance to suggest new amendments to the bill.

All these additions and reviews will need to happen before the third and final reading of the bill.

What if the Cannabis Act passes House?

As previously mentioned, just like any other bill the Cannabis Act will be read 3 times by the members of the House of Commons, during which they will be suggesting changes and additions to the bill.

Once a bill is reviewed three times by the House of Commons, it is sent to the Senate for the same process of reading and committee hearings, before it goes into effect.

Another related bill, C-46 or the Impaired driving bill, has just finished the same process and  is scheduled to begin debate at its third reading in the House on Friday Oct 27th.

This bill is seen as closely tied to the Cannabis Act, and its report stage has been finished in just three days since going to the House again.

Once that is done, there are still a couple more things to be completed before the law goes into effect such as an open consultation process which can take up to several months.

Canada’s Federal government has announced that they are still on the right timeline to legalize recreational cannabis by July 2018.

This law is supposed to give Canadian citizens a lot of freedoms when it comes to growing marijuana, and it will certainly help to boost its economy.

The only thing remaining is to see how will the provinces decide to regulate sales, distribution and similar business related things. So far, it seems that the provincial governments plan to run a monopoly on the cannabis business.

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