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Canada’s Cannabis Supply Might Not Be Ready for Legalization

Many leading experts share the opinion that the cannabis supply which Canada’s industry is projected to work with once July 2018 turns around the corner, will simply not suffice for the time being when compared to the projected demand.

The main inconvenience which will definitely come out of this problem is the one Canada has been trying to fight with Bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act, is that the black market will flourish once again.

To put it in simple terms, the amount of A-grade marijuana available from licensed suppliers is simply not high enough to meet current demands, let alone the demands of Canada’s recreational market.

“The legally licensed producers, there’s not enough of them. They’re not growing enough cannabis. They’re not allowed to produce half the products we sell in our dispensary, so they’re inadequate to meet the demand that’s out there,” said Dana Larsen, a long time cannabis activist and current dispensery director.

So far, Canada has issued 59 licenses for growing medicinal cannabis, however many of those growers are not allowed to sell the product they grow.

Ian Dawkins, president of the Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada said that the exclusion of small and medium growers is simply unacceptable and goes against what the Liberals stood for when they announced the Cannabis Act.

“If they’re going to block the existing craft producers from getting licensed, where is this cannabis going to come from? The licensed producers are not equipped to increase their capacity that much, it’s simply not feasible,” said Dawkins.

Meanwhile, on the food side of cannabis, more and more Canadians seem to be interested in trying edible cannabis treats such as cookies, muffins, and weed tea. Actually, nearly half of Canadians interviewed seems to cant wait to get their hands on some Space Cakes.

“Cannabis is the third largest sector of our GDP by size. This is not a joke. If we screw this up, if Ontario screws this up, if the feds screw this up, [British Columbia] is hooped,” said Dawkins. “This is not a small thing to get wrong. This is a massive part of our economy, whether you like it or not.”

Source: CBC

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