Canada’s Federal Government Declines Legalization Deadline Change

Health Minister Jane Philpott said in Winnipeg on Thursday that everyone across Canada is already preparing for legalization and there will not be an extension, as requested by Premier Pallister a few days ago.

“It was a campaign commitment of our government,” Philpott sai, “At the officials’ level, there’s a tremendous amount of background work being done.”

Last Wednesday, premiers from across Canada sent five issues to the federal government to explain. Issues such as enforcement and taxes, in order for provinces to stick to the July 1 deadline to legalize marijuana, have been brought up.

The Conservatives said last Thursday that the premiers bringing up these issues were right to push for more time, because the Liberals hadn’t laid out a specific pot plan in their election platform, even though it was a vital part of their election platform.

To remind some of the major promises made by the Liberal party in their election platform:

The Liberals were supposed to establish a task force that would design a system for the legal sale and distribution of cannabis, which would be later be subject to federal and provincial taxes.

The Liberals also promised to remove consumption and incidental possession from the Criminal Code, but stiffen punishments on those who provide marijuana to minors, drive when they are high, and sell pot illegally to anyone.

Premier Pallister said he was prepared to support the federal government in their plans if federal government funded Manitoba with additional money for Indigenous health care, particularly to combat diabetes and kidney disease, and if the federal government guaranteed it would proceed with the “factory of the future” research facility in Winnipeg.

Pallister later said he also wanted additional federal money to deal with the opioid crisis, which has taken a noticeable dip since legalizing medicinal cannabis.

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