Canadian LP’s are expanding their sphere of influence

Most licensed producers had decent sales in the last quarter, and now some of them are already looking to expand into other markets.

The Canadian cannabis market isn’t looking like it’s going to be well supplied any time soon. According to several sources, the shortage might last all the way up to 2020.

However, there aren’t many things that benefit the producers as much as that looming shortage—it drives up the prices of the available cannabis, making the profits that much larger.

Many producers increased their pricing

Several licensed producers not only increased the price of their recreational products but of their medical products as well.

Over the course of several weeks Zenabis, Flowr and Broken Coast have  all raised prices significantly.

Zenabis was the latest company to increase their prices, nearly $4 CAD on most of its products.

Flowr is yet another LP that raised their prices, just yesterday in fact. The most expensive strains in their offering are now $15 CAD per gram.

Lastly, Broken Coast, which has been praised by the medical community over the last 18 months has raised their prices from $8 and $9 to $11 on almost every strain.

Users have also started reporting lately that the taste of cannabis, the terpene content and their quality overall has been slightly dipping below the level these three companies used to maintain.

Aurora will ship medical cannabis to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic and its capital Prague are often called the Amsterdam of the East—the city is known for its good weed and numerous weed-related fairs.

Cannabis in the Czech Republic is decriminalized and medical cannabis is legal since 2012.  Even though, the possession of larger amounts can lead to a jail sentence of one year.

Aurora Cannabis has been working with foreign medical cannabis programs for over a year now, and in that time it has managed to add some big names to its list.

Yesterday Aurora added the Czech Republic as another country that it can count on supplying with medical marijuana.

Aurora will ship the medical cannabis to a Czech pharmaceutical wholesaler, who will subsequently supply pharmacies throughout the country.

The Czech Republic will be the 21st country in which Aurora will operate.

Organigram signed a supply deal with Saskatchewan

Organigram is just one step away from having supply deals with every province in the country.

Yesterday the officials signed a supply deal with Saskatchewan, which is the second last province to sing that type of deal with Organigram.

The only province that hasn’t signed one with Organigram is Quebec, although Quebec and its cannabis system are quite conservative and it may take a while before Organigram penetrates that market.

The company hasn’t disclosed the amount they are dedicating to the Sask market, only that it will be safe, high-quality recreational products.

Organigram is expected to start shipping to Saskatchewan before the end of 2018.

WeedMD to export cannabis genetics to Israel

Another Canadian federally-licensed producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis is looking across the border for new opportunities, and this time it’s WeedMD.

The company announced that they have started exporting cannabis genetics to Pharmocann, a privately-held pharma-agricultural medical cannabis producer in Israel.

Israel has long been one of the leaders in research when it comes to cannabis. Their advances in the field of technology have also hugely contributed to developing many products that are now immensely popular.

WeedMD hopes that this way the Israeli company will help them make breakthrough developments in cannabis research and further stabilize the market.

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