Canadian Marijuana Licensed Producers to Keep an Eye On For

Last year at this time, the stocks of Canadian cannabis related companies were soaring higher than ever. This year it is no different than the past, as the week has ended with phenomenal results for traders and those holding stocks of these companies.

Medicinal marijuana has great opportunities in Canada, which is something almost every investor would tell you – as the opening of the market to recreational chances comes closer by the day, you can only imagine what are the chances of grabbing some cash on this type of product. So without further ado, here are 3 Canadian LP’s to keep an eye on in the coming weeks and months.

CannTrust – TRST

CannTrust is an Ontario based company with their company seat in Vaughan.

They are the leading provider of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis and they also operate a 50,000-square foot hydroponic facility. CannTrust is currently working on upgrading its 430,000-square foot greenhouse facility in the Niagara region and the first 250,000 square feet of production space are expected to be operational by the end of 2017.

Another thing CannTrust has increased of the course of this year is the number of their registered patients. By the end of spring, CannTrust had about 15.000 registered patients, and over the course of last three months, that number has jumped to over 25.000 users.

Aurora Cannabis – ACB

Aurora Cannabis might be the fastest growing Canadian cannabis company, as in the past year they have closed several big deals with companies all across the world, and some of those companies are located in Australia, Germany, and several other places. Their ability to increase their market share and penetrate new markets alone should be enough of an encouragement for you to buy a couple points.

In the light of recent cannabis shortages in many areas that have legalized cannabis on a recreational level, Aurora Cannabis is very focused on increasing production capacity ahead of Canada’s planned rollout of recreational marijuana. You can only imagine what kind of profits this might bring them over their competitors once weed hits the fan.

Canopy Growth – WEED

Canopy Growth is by far the largest and, when it comes to the number of cannabis strains, most diverse Licensed Producer you could buy stocks from. The company contains several wholly‑owned subsidiaries which are located around the country, which only increases their likelihood of making it big, really really big. With almost 60 thousand online shoppers, Canopy Growth is the company that has the most online sales of all – which means most revenues too. Not much to think about, right?


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