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Canadians Invited to Share Views on the Proposed Cannabis Regulations

Seeing how the Canadian Government introduced Bill C-45 (Cannabis Act) earlier this year, Health Canada launched public consultation regarding cannabis regulation.

The main goal of legalizing cannabis is to prevent more money going into hands of organized crime and to keep cannabis out of the hands of Canadian youth population.

Yesterday, on November 21st, Health Canada launched a public consultation on the proposed regulatory approach.

During these consultations, everyone from those interested in recreational cannabis use to those that hold shares in cannabis companies will be able to ask questions related to the laws and regulations which will be implemented.

Health Canada welcomes written submissions via mail or input provided online, which can be accessed by clicking here.

The complete proposal is outlined in detail in the recently published consultation paper: Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis.

The government will mostly seek input on the following issues:

  • The proposed regulatory approach and licensing process
  • Security requirements for producers and their facilities
  • Product standards, labeling, and packaging
  • Access to cannabis for medical purposes
  • Health products containing cannabis

Health Canada plans on publishing the results after the 60-day period of consultation with citizens, businesses and other representatives.

The Canadian government has pledged $46 million dollars to be invested in its education programs that are closely tied to cannabis education, awareness and monitoring in order to lower health and safety risks of cannabis use.

They also plan on introducing further safety measures, such as the Bill C-46 which is aimed at reducing numbers of intoxicated drivers, including those driving while high on cannabis.

Once the oral fluid drug screening devices have been assessed against the federal standards, the federal government will recommend them to be distributed among frontline officers.

The Government of Canada announced up to $274 million to support law enforcement.

Source: Health Canada

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