Canna Clinic on Kensington Ave Raided by Toronto Police Department

Canna Clinic on Kensington Ave. was the first victim that fell to the new set of laws. Early on Monday morning, the Toronto Police department raided the dispensary, arresting 15 people in the process, 12 of which were Toronto residents.

Just several days after the Ontario government has announced its legislation and intents for the upcoming federal legalization of recreational cannabis, the Toronto Police Department started making its raids on illegal marijuana dispensaries.

According to Toronto PD statement, the officers engaged in the raid found just under 170 kilograms of marijuana, 14.5 kg of marijuana oil, almost 5 kg of shatter, and $14,410 Canadian dollars. Most of the people facing charges are from Toronto area and other 3 were from Mississauga, Richmond Hill, and Guelph, and their range in age is 20 to 46.

Private-owned cannabis businesses, such as the one on Kensington Ave, are not legal in accordance with Ontario’s recreational cannabis laws, and won’t be open for business once legal recreational marijuana hits the streets in 2018.

Cannabis business owners say that this move will not affect the general population, in the sense of moving them away from the black market, but rather may have the opposite effect.

All 15 suspects are facing charges related to drug possession, drug trafficking, and possession of proceeds obtained by crime.

Canna Clinic is yet to return any email and calls, as they have been silent on the topic of the raid, saying nothing more than that the storefront will stay open for business until further notice.

Is this the future of Cannabusiness?

As of Wednesday afternoon, no other cannabis related business has been raided by the Toronto Police department, which does not mean in any way that the situation is about to change. The government officials have announces a tough legislation which will crack down on all illegal dispensaries such as the one on Kensington Ave.

Source: The Star

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