Cannabis is the beacon of hope for the future of alternative medicine

There has been talk of alternative medicine making a return in a grandiose manner, but did anyone ever think for a second that cannabis would be leading the charge? Probably not.

We, as a species, have been experimenting with plant-based medicine for thousands of years.

The swing between trusting modern medicine and trusting traditional medicine is currently moving towards the latter, as the modern medical methods and drugs are failing to provide sufficient solutions and treatment.

We can safely say that in the past 100+ years antibiotics have been successful to a great extent.

But, in the last few years and decades, the appearance of super-bacteria, also known as superbugs, which are immune to traditional antibiotic treatments has brought their future effectiveness to question.

As medical researchers foresaw the drop in effectiveness they also urged the medical community to find new and more effective ways of dealing with superbugs such as MRSA.

This is why we have had remarkable progress in researching bacteriophage and various fields of medicine in which they could be applied.

As we started learning more about mental health, effects of many conflicts our brains sustain on the daily basis, we also started taking more drugs to deal with mental issues.

We introduced pills to deal with issues that we didn’t even know existed a few years ago, such as depression, anxiety, attention disorders and such.

This further led to the pill-popping culture that formed around us.

In the past, getting a shot or taking a pill were not your only choices. For simple illnesses, you had several solutions which you could use to treat yourself.

That went away with the introduction of intravenous drugs as they were seen as the best and fastest way to receive what your body needs.

So, why are IV drugs so unpopular? Well, because nobody likes to be poked by needles.

In most places around the world, people who have diabetes do this all the time, as the most widely accepted way of taking insulin is by injecting it into your fatty tissue.

A different approach

It is more than obvious that the approach to drugs hasn’t been ideal as certain drugs have a bunch of side effects that can bog down the user.

Not only that, but some drugs don’t even have the same effect on different people simply due to their other conditions, for example, some PTSD medicine may not work for you if you also have an attention disorder.

Combine that with having to always keep in mind which pills you have to take, at what times and how often, and you get a living nightmare.

So, with that in mind and the reinvigorated flame in the cannabis industry, it is definitely a good time for a new contender to challenge Big Pharma.

That new contender just might be cannabis.

Seeing how cannabis medicine is fueled by a very powerful need to consume medicine in alternative methods, it is also important that it can also quickly become a vice.

This is also what kept cannabis in the dark for so long.

Seeing how cannabis can be both a drug and a medicine, it is important to choose wisely from the wide offering on the Canadian market.

We’ve already talked about how certain producers are behaving and what their medical cannabis is like in a previous article, so we won’t get too much into it here.

The point is, some companies treat the medical cannabis industry like a business, while others treat it with more soul and passion, more focused on the effects of their medicine rather than the costs and revenues of their drug.

One Canadian cannabis producer, that most certainly cares about their products and customers more than the money they bring in, is ABcann.

Until recently, this company has been run by a group of West coast businessmen which were inspired by plant-based therapies and ways to deliver medicine beyond the traditional pharmaceutical channel.

Over the last year they started scaling and now they are in the process of expanding their own growing facility as ABcann has had perhaps the smallest craft growing operation in the nation up until recently.

With this expansion, ABcann hopes to rebrand and become officially known as Beacon Medical in the medical cannabis market.

The goal of Beacon Medical is to help patients and their healthcare providers navigate the complex medical cannabis market to find the best treatment option.

In an interview with Sung Kang, the Chief Marketing Officer for ABcann, we had the opportunity to discuss how cannabis might affect the future of alternative medicine and emerge as its de facto leader in Canada.

Oils produced from cannabis have been most known for their beneficial effects on the human body and mind equally.

These oils are something that the Canadian medical cannabis market have been craving, although nobody really hit the spot with them.

Mr. Kang said that ABcann will have the potential to make oil later this year, most likely in late August or around the time once their expansion goes online.

Once we get the expansion going we’ll have oils. We’ll have a THC oil, a balanced oil, and down the road a pure-CBD oil as well.

Sung Kang wasn’t the one to hide plans as he believes producing affordable and pleasurable oils is what will give them a fighting chance with the current competition.

ABcann plans on making 20ml bottles which they project will sell for about $60, which is 2x less in volume when compared to CanniMed‘s 60ml bottles but also a bit cheaper.

This ways, says Kang, their users will be able to test the product before opting-in for it on the long term as a 60ml bottle may last someone for a month or longer.

Also, they plan on making oils with slightly higher concentrations than those of CanniMed and more towards what Aurora is making now, which is around 25 mg/ml.

ABcann won’t be going too big on the recreational market as they don’t plan on signing any huge supply deals with the province.

They do, however, plan to have a big presence in the Ontario market and a few other locations in the eastern provinces, mostly in brick-and-mortar stores.

In British Columbia, they have a presence with Choom which will be opening retail stores as well, so it looks like they will have a presence in stores in BC, Sask, Ontario, Manitoba and more.

All this will make it so that this very unique and consumer-focused brand will be out there for users to try out and see if it works for them better than what they’ve been doing so far.

By doing so we and all the users that benefit from trying medical cannabis will be able to spread the story and further educate those that are still ignorant to the medical side of this plant.

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