Cannabis producers in Colorado grew over two million plants in 2017

Producers in Colorado successfully grew over two and a half million plants in 2017, which equates to just under a million pounds of usable marijuana.

Colorado has long been the place for cannabis enthusiasts to visit, but in the last few years, it increasingly became a paradise for weed growers.

Ever since the state legalized recreational marijuana, residents of Colorado and people involved with the cannabis industry have been flocking to the state authorities in order to get their growing licenses.

Great year for business

A report conducted by the Marijuana Enforcement Division found that Colorado’s recreational sector has been increasingly growing, while the medical market has seen a slow rise as well.

In that report, we can see noticeable increases across all categories, however, only a few really stand out when compared to the 2016 statistics.

One of the biggest numbers on the whole report was the one in regards to the total number of plants grown in Colorado in 2017 — 2.5 million, and just a few pounds short of a million when it comes to usable marijuana.

Of the 376 new business licenses issued in 2017, 290 were intended for the recreational sector, while only 86 new medical businesses obtained their own license.

This only goes further to prove that the interest is slowly but surely moving more towards the recreational market, even though there is still money to be made in the medical market.

Another interesting stat to mention is the number of cannabis-infused edibles. Their sales dropped sharply in the medical sector, while the sales of recreational edibles grew by an astonishing 29 percent.

Lastly, state inspectors reported that the percentage of licensees passing underage compliance checks increased from 94% in 2016 to 95.1% in 2017.

That number describes the percentage of non-qualified sales check, meaning that in only 4.9% of cases cannabis was sold to underaged, or in some other way invalid customers.

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