Can Cannabis Help Combat the Opioid Crisis in the US

The opioid crisis in the US has been peaking every year since the year 2000, and measures have been taken in order to calm down the pill-fueled storm but nothing seems to catch on as long as doctors keep prescribing opioids as a primary way of pain management.

Overdose deaths

US citizens consume more than 80% of all the opioids produced in the world. Let that sink in.

If you add Canada and Western Europe, that number goes all the way up to 95% of the global opioid supply. Can cannabis legalization do something about this horrific fact? Yes, yes it can.

Number of opioid pain relievers prescribed in the U.S. jumped from 76 million in 1991 to 207 million in 2013.

And in 2015, doctors wrote 300 million prescriptions to US citizens, coming behind only cancer medicine and supplementations.

Can cannabis end the opioid crisis?

Yes, absolutely.

Not only that, but cannabis can completely extinguish the opioid crisis in the US.

In fact, in states which legalized medical marijuana, the number of opioid and pain drug prescriptions already dropped by a significant margin.

number of opioid doses

The 11% reduction margin was found in a survey done by the University of Georgia, in annual drug prescriptions in states legalizing medical cannabis as compared to those which prohibit it.

That drop of 10,000 prescriptions per physician in a single year means that ten thousand people didn’t get opioids prescribed, which is a huge victory for cannabis proponents.

CBD oil is one of the biggest factors in the fight against opioids, especially in states which have already legalized medical cannabis. In fact, CBD oil has proven to be a very effective way of managing pain and the side effects of chemotherapy and similar cancer treatments.

These oils have been known to completely replace opioids as a primary way of relieving chronic pain, but that’s not the only thing as it is impossible to overdose on these oils.

Meanwhile, opioid overdoses are happening every day across the states.

And it’s not like these oils are not easily available.

95% of the US population lives within states that have some kind of cannabis law that permits CBD oils.

us population

All data in this article came from the cannabis industry annual report: 2017 Legal marijuana outlook, which is an executive summary of the US cannabis market. It was conducted by New Frontier data and sponsored by Electrum Partners.

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