Cannabis producers may soon be no longer able to sponsor music festivals

Health Canada has raised a lot of ruckus about licensed producers sponsoring music festivals as a way of promoting their brand.

Music festivals have been a popular place for the youth to go and spend time with friends, listen to their favorite artists perform, meet new people, etc.

They are also, without a doubt, the single place in which you will be able to find more drugs than in any city if you were to search for hours, and exactly this image is something that needs to be changed.

Many festival-goers are usually aiming to get drunk or high during their favorite concerts, and cannabis, alcohol, ecstasy (MDMA), cocaine and hallucinogenic mushrooms are some of the more prevalent drugs that are consumed these days.

Seeing how the image of these festivals is taking a turn south, and licensed producers are not allowed to market their products and brands in such a manner, Health Canada has issued a warning to producers that are sponsoring music festivals and promoting their brands as we get closer to the recreational legalization.

Cannabis producers have sponsored music festivals, concerts, art and fashion shows across the country without a hiccup so far, but seeing how in the eyes of the law cannabis is the same as tobacco, similar rules apply as well.

Many say this is a double standard as the alcohol industry is in no way limited or restricted when it comes down to advertising on music festivals, or even sponsoring them for that matter.

“This is such a double standard. I can’t count the number of music festivals sponsored by Labatts or Molson I have attended over the years,” said one Twitter user in regards to the Health Canada official announcement.

Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth have been the two biggest companies when it comes to sponsoring festivals and events with weed money.

Tweed spokesman Jordan Sinclair said that they are looking at the current regulations and that they are confident that the decisions they have made fall within the rules.

So far, most sponsored festivals and events displayed the name of the brand which is funding the event, which may turn out to be illegal after all.

“Health Canada expects that all parties who are authorized to conduct activities with cannabis adhere to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, and at all times comply with the law,” Health Canada said.

“The department is reviewing the actions of existing licensed producers and will be taking every possible step to bring them into compliance or prevent non-compliance with existing laws.”

The statement says that sponsoring events and other “promotional activities” is “contrary to the government’s goal to protect public health and public safety, including the goal of protecting young persons and others from inducements to use cannabis”.

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