CBD carries no addiction risks, World Health Organization confirms

The World Health Organization has officially declared CBD (Cannabinol) to be risk-free when it comes to addiction. They have also recommended medical marijuana to be removed from the Scheduled substances lists around the world.

Since medical marijuana was first legalized in California there has been a tsunami of questions regarding all sorts of things, but mainly whether medical marijuana, and CBD in particular, are making the users addicted to the drug.

Finally, the World Health Organization, the foremost health institution on the globe, has answered that question for us.

Is medical marijuana addictive? No.

CBD to be taken off Scheduled substances list

WHO has this week endorsed a recommendation from the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) to place carfentanil on the Schedule 1 and 4 lists.

The ECDD meets once a year to discuss topics regarding psychoactive substances. Cannabidiol, a compound of the cannabis plant was also reviewed at this meeting.

Here is what they found regarding CBD:

Recent evidence from animal and human studies shows that its use could have some therapeutic value for seizures due to epilepsy and related conditions. Current evidence also shows that cannabidiol is not likely to be abused or create dependence.

This founding literally forces the hand of many authorities to change the laws and reschedule marijuana as a substance with proven use in medicine and pharmacology.

The ECDD postponed a wider review of cannabidiol for May 2018, when the committee will create a comprehensive review of cannabis and cannabis-related substances.

The officials also said that there are no recorded cases of recreational abuse of CBD, as the compound itself does not bring the user any psychoactive effects.

“To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD,” the ECDD wrote.

Unlike THC, which is the compound in marijuana which induces the “high”, CBD offers only relief in the physical sense.

CBD is also one of the often used replacements for opioids, as the CBD oils are very efficient in pain management and can help opioid addicts to drop their addiction.

Read more about high CBD strains in case you are planning on trying out cannabis medication and the oils of the 21st century.

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