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CBD Oil Proves to be a Viable Pain Management Therapy

CBD oil has proven time and time again to be a very effective way of managing pain and the side effects of chemotherapy and similar cancer treatments. For those that are not too familiar with these therapeutic oils, they all come from the cannabis plant, but not all of them are the same.

CBD oil is not the same as THC oil. The biggest difference between these two is that THC oils have psychoactive ingredients which give you a high. This is why they are popular among recreational users, especially for dabbing and vaping.

On the other hand, CBD oils are used mainly for medical purposes and pain management, as they do not give users any enjoyable benefits other than pain relief. But, one benefit of CBD oil which might be intangible is its ability to completely replace certain pain medication, such as opioids. CBD causes reduced anxiety, reduced inflammation, and reduced psychoactive symptoms.

Richard Holt, a UK resident and a painkiller addict up until recently, is a living proof of CBD oil helping people get off addicting pain medication. After falling from a structure 7 meters tall, he crushed his heel and shattered 2 bones in his right leg.

After several operations, months spent in the wheelchair and on crutches, taking pain medication and feeling under the weather Richard decided to give CBD oil a shot. The results were, at the very least, motivating.

Richard believes that prescription drugs drain users of their will. “Getting off that heavy-duty medicine was key for my recovery. Because this kind of medication saps your energy, and the one thing you need to fight back to full fitness is energy,” he said.

Everyone that uses it tells a similar story: they sleep better and feel less pain. While there are ongoing trials for CBD as a treatment for everything from multiple sclerosis to Parkinson’s disease, all I know is that for me it can make the difference.

Stores selling CBD oil under fire

On the other side of the pond, even though the trend of cannabis going mainstream is on the rise, here and there we still see examples of the law failing to keep up with the times.

Indiana Police is still writing up businesses selling a cannabis extract after saying they’d stop confiscating the product.

In April 2017 lawmakers passed legislation allowing certain patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy to use CBD oil if it contains less than 0.3% THC contents, which is pretty much accepted as a regulatory level in any place where it’s legal.

Indiana PD began cracking down on the stores in May, seeing how they thought the new law made possession of cannabidiol for other purposes a crime. Since then, store owners have been hesitant to put CBD oils back on the shelves.

“We definitely feel like at any time the rug could be pulled back from under us,” said Jeff Shelton, owner of Happy Daze Smoke Shop. “Until they come out and give a definitive answer, we’re definitely going to feel on edge and worried they could come in and take the products.”

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  • Indeed, CBD is a great pain reducing therapy. I have continued to use it for my chronic pain problem since last 5 years. It has helped me with proper sleeping and at the same time improved my standard of living. Would love to ask which brand of CBD Oil you usually prefer? And can it be legally ordered from that site? Thanks.
    Anyways, well written article :)

  • I have been using CBD to relief my knee pain for the last 3 years. for a while, I've been using DIY cbd oil for a friend of mine, now I want to try to buy one from the store. What brand should I use? Thanks

  • Agreed with CBD being a pain management oil. Really inspired and happy to learn about Richard Holt. Personally, I'm dealing with back pain for the last few years and a while ago a friend of mine recommended me CBD oil. Thanks to him.
    Now, I'm considering trying CBD with THC in it. It's legal here in my state so maybe I can give it a shot. Do you recommend it for back pain problem?

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