Cuomo will overhaul medical marijuana as a part of his legalization plan

The governor of New York has promised his constituents that the state government will legalize recreational marijuana, and he’ll also overhaul the medical program too.

A while ago Governor Cuomo brought up the issue of marijuana, and how way too many people get arrested and fined for simple cases such as possession of illegal substances.

This cause a wave of positive emotions in the state as many of its residents are involved with the plant whether it’s illegal or not.

The state legalized medical marijuana a couple of years ago and the program has been steadily growing, however, there have been growing pains.

One of the major changes that Cuomo plans to introduce is the allowing of homegrown cannabis for medical patients and abolishing strict patient eligibility rules.

Prices too high

Allowing for homegrown cannabis may be one of the ways how the medical cannabis community can improve the current program.

Patients could get a license to grow up to 4 plants at home if the new legislation is passed.

Cuomo has pointed out that the prices of medical marijuana are still pretty high in dispensaries.

But, why is medical marijuana so expensive? It’s just a flower after all.

Jeremy Unruh, an executive at PharmaCann, said prices reflected the cost associated with treating serious diseases like cancer and HIV.

In other words, the price of marijuana doesn’t reflect the costs of growing and processing it, but rather some other, unrelated costs.

Cuomo’s bill would allow only for certain patients and their caregivers to grow up to eight plants per household.

Recreational marijuana is closer than you think

Growing marijuana for personal, recreational use would still remain illegal according to the same bill.

The new legislation would unite medical and recreational marijuana under the new Office of Cannabis Management.

Cuomo plan’s to protect the recreational cannabis industry by not allowing growers to open their own retail stores and thus monopolize the markets.

Current medical dispensaries will also be allowed to apply for a license to run a recreational retail store.

Recreational business licenses would be granted to the existing medical dispensaries via a public auction in which they can place a bid.

Current medical marijuana businesses could effectively start growing and selling recreational marijuana within their existing greenhouses.

Governor Cuomo announced his plan to legalize recreational marijuana several days ago and New Yorkers have been throwing out their opinions about the legalization left and right.

Most public personalities welcomed the legalization in New York. The most notable opponent of the legalization is the former mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg announced his presidential campaign several days ago as well, in which he also harshly criticized the legalization of marijuana.

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2 thoughts on “Cuomo will overhaul medical marijuana as a part of his legalization plan”

  1. Trailblazer Cuomo is. Well, once his 3rd term was in the bag and the election is over. Now, MORAL COURAGE, FORTITUDE, DETERMINATION. Thanks a lot Cuomo. Better late than never. Now I wont have to be a cannabis refugee anymore. And this will be… when? Have all those who need to be paid off been paid off yet? After all, we’re talkin freekin New York.

    A patient
    Outside Rochester NY

  2. I just wish these ‘blue-blood’ power-players would fill their pockets faster so us commoners can finally have a decent program. NY is so crony. Too much $ and too many bloodhounds looking to eat.

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