Demand for cannabis jobs in Canada is on the rise

Canadian pot growers and all those interested in getting involved with the cannabis industry will have a chance to apply for their desired positions in the coming months as the demand for cannabis jobs in Canada grows by the day.

The future of cannabis jobs in Canada

Canada will be legalizing recreational marijuana this summer and the industry is starting to ramp up production seeing how summer is only several months away.

Not only is the production of oil and cannabis seeing a huge increase but the area of expertise is starting to expand as more and more industries are looking to get a piece of the weed cake.

Right now, employers are looking at applications in the thousands for various jobs ranging from growers and curing technicians to marketing managers and sales reps.

Slowly but surely the stigma of having anything to do with marijuana is getting outlandish in Canada. The future of weed is here.

Employers are looking for experience

Seeing how pot growing is a bit more demanding than rice or beans, it is expected to see employers looking for experienced players.

But, since growing weed has been illegal for years, where can one obtain such experience?

Well, employers are not really picky when it comes to which plants you grew previously, as long as you do have the necessary experience in the field, and a degree in Botanics will do wonders as well.

Several schools have also come out with their plans and programs which specifically relate to the pot industry and growing the best and biggest buds.

However, the buzz surrounding the Canadian pot industry is allowing companies to be picky and choose top talent from each of the important business fields such as sales, marketing, etc.

This means that we may even see some of the top names in other worlds such as technology moving into the cannabis field.

As for the salaries, they are currently around $50,000 per year for those employed at a basic growing position, while a director of the production could expect around $100,000.

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