Dennis Rodman wore a PotCoin shirt to the Trump-Kim summit

Dennis Rodman has always been a figure that surprised the media with his outlandish looks and alternative hair color, but did you also know he is a staunch supporter of cannabis and cryptocurrencies?

If you haven’t slept under a rock for the past year and a half you probably heard about Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies, but have you heard of PotCoin?

Potcoin is a digital currency created to facilitate transactions within the legalized cannabis industry and Dennis Rodman might be the biggest fan of this thing.

At a recent and very media-hyped Singapore summit between several nations and, among other Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, Rodman came out in front of the media wearing a PotCoin shirt.

rodman potcoin shirt

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This isn’t the first time that Rodman sported a PotCoin t-shirt, as he already did so in his previous trip to North Korea as well.

He even announced that he will be arriving in the Potcoin shirt via his twitter:

We aren’t sure if Rodman knew exactly what he was doing, as Singapore is known to be one of the countries with some of the strictest drug laws on the planet.

Getting caught with larger amounts of drugs in Singapore can spell death to some, as the death sentence is a possibility in these types of cases.

Rodman’s shirt also wore the caption: “Peace starts in Singapore” which was most likely directed towards the two presidents debating the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

It is important to note that Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman have befriended each other during Rodman’s visits to North Korea, although they haven’t had any confirmed talks at this summit.

Also note that cannabis is legal in North Korea, or better say not-illegal as by North Korean law cannabis isn’t even considered as a drug, and North Korea thus might prove to be a potential cannabis partner of the US in the future.

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