Dispensaries are giving out weed for free in hopes of attracting customers

Online dispensaries in British Columbia are doing their best to attract customers even before October 17th, knowing that not everyone will have access to the brick and mortar stores.

Recreational marijuana will be in stores this October, but not only in regular stores — online stores in several provinces will offer cannabis as well.

In fact, it would seem that online stores may be in a big advantage over the traditional brick and mortar stores — they offer remote access to recreational cannabis.

British Columbia will have one of the most liberal and free-flowing cannabis models when it comes to cultivation, sales, and distribution among provinces.

This is also why many businesses choose their starting point to be in BC. One such business found its employees handing out weed to people in Vancouver parks for free in hopes of attracting potential future customers.

The provincial government already signed supply agreements with over 30 licensed producers which are already competing in the medical market.

On the other side, the biggest province in the country, Ontario, isn’t doing absolutely anything to organize their own recreational system.

Fear and loving in Vancouver

Or at least they aren’t telling us that they are working on improving things, but one thing is certain, Ontario will have a tougher time regulating the recreational market.

The Vancouver PD has said that the practice of businesses giving away free weed in public is illegal in the Vancouver.

British Columbia has long been known for its extremely potent cannabis and this is mostly due to the activity of the black market in the past and Metro Vancouver’s dispensaries have always been supplied by illicit growers.

Neither the B.C. provincial nor municipal governments have provided any way to legalize the province’s already existing medical dispensaries.

Earlier in the year B.C.’s Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth announced that every city in the province will have the opportunity to decide and limit the number of privately owned cannabis dispensaries.

Others, like the City of Richmond, remain strictly against privately owned dispensaries from setting up shop on their streets and may end up barring them completely, although that’s odds for that are small.

So, what’s up with this fear of weed? Well, it would seem that the authorities are still fearing a flood of illegal cannabis on the streets once sales are allowed in October.

By limiting the number of sales licenses they hand out, municipalities and cities are hoping to limit the amount of cannabis which is on the streets, which in theory pushes out the black market growers.

But, in reality, these craft growers who supplied Metro Vancouver’s dispensaries did so because there was no better choice.

You see, if the market starts passing bad products and the end-users are not happy with the product they are getting, British Columbia is likely to be the first place to demand change.

Having a culture of good weed for so long is not something the people of this province will give up that easy.

So, since the number of brick and mortars dispensaries will be limited, the online element comes in play to saturate the market.

There will be hundreds of online stores that will be selling cannabis and cannabis-related products online and in every province, and in these early days of the market, it is extremely important to stand out.

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