Earn a Degree in Cannabis Production from Niagara College

Niagara College has started offering a program for students which will enable them to earn a post-secondary credential in the production of commercial cannabis. In simple English, this means there is a school for growing weed now.

Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development has approved the one-year post-graduate program for those that choose to work in the cannabis industry. Those taking this one-year course can expect lessons in licensed production of cannabis, which includes marijuana, hemp fiber, and hemp seed.

Niagara College president, Dan Patterson has said that they have initiated this program in the hopes of solving the upcoming problems in the cannabis industry, especially ones coming up in the early days of legalization in July 2018. He also said that since the program and cannabis production are both toughly regulated, the school will be abiding by all the rules in the book.

However, not everyone will be able to obtain this prestigious diploma, as only those that previously studied agribusiness, agricultural science, environmental science/resource studies, horticulture or natural sciences, or an acceptable combination of education and experience will be offered a chance to enroll into this program.

Niagara College is only the second school in the country to announce such a program, as a community college in New Brunswick last year it would offer a course in horticulture tailored to teach students skills needed for work in the growing marijuana industry.

Officials at College communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, the French-language community school, have said that was designed in collaboration with leaders from the cannabis industry, presumably the medicinal side of the industry.

Given that legalization is bound to happen in just over 9 months, getting some fresh college-educated brains in the industry might be one of the better one’s Ontario officials have had in a while, given the plan they announced on the 8th of September, which heavily restricts rights to small business owners.

Source: Canadianbusiness.com

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