Edmonton Company GrenEx Gets Cannabis Production License

It took GrenEx Pharms ‘only’ 5 years and 4 million dollars to become a licensed cannabis producer. After approving their proposal in 2013, Health Canada issued their cannabis production license on September 29.

GrenEx Pharms CEO John Simon expressed his relief by saying how glad the waiting process is finished. He also pointed out that their facilities have been sitting empty for over two years completely build and ready for production.

“Health Canada doesn’t want an oversupply, to prevent illicit activity, so they want production to meet demand,” said Simon. “There are so many opportunities in this business for medical products, formulations, export, but they’re not open to the company until you get that license.”

GrenEx is only the fourth licensed cannabis producers in Alberta, and the rest of Canada has another 60.

GrenEx facilities

Simon also pointed out that his facilities will be able to produce up to 1,000 kg of dried cannabis flower on a yearly basis, which should be worth around $10 million annually.

Another important thing to point out is the facilities themselves — GrenEx facilities are extremely low-key, so much so that there isn’t even a logo or company name on the front. Total weed op.

GrenEx is growing their plants in hydroponic systems – rooms with rows of aeroponic pots to be exact. This means that their plants will be grown only in water, thus lowering the chances of pests attacking the plants due to a lack of soil.

Their hydroponic growing system is equipped also with a state of the art lighting system. The facilities are cowered in dim, green light all around, but the bloom room is lit with yellow 1,000-watt metal halide lamps.

GrenEx also hails a 3.2 petabyte data storage unit since their security video surveillance system, since all security video going back 2 years must be saved for legal and safety reasons.

Their vault can hold up to ~600 kg of dried cannabis, and they plan on expanding. All of the employees are from the city of Edmonton, keeping the business in the community, and for the community.

Source: Edmonton Journal

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