Envy Hemp, Cannabis Company That’s Saying Thanks to American Veterans and Hard Workers

In 2014, Frank A. Lewis and Josh R. Matzkin teamed up to create a CBD brand for the everyday hard-working American.

Their goal was to come up with a quick-acting and effective CBD product that could be sold at a much more affordable price than that on the market.

Lewis was a chemist and herbalist for more than 50 years who had worked alongside the Americans that did the most difficult and dangerous jobs you can think of – in factories, smelters, petrochemical plants, dyeworks.

He’s spent a lifetime helping them stay safe and healthy.

Josh Matzkin, on the other hand, found that everything changed for him when he was introduced to CBD.

A passionate sports lover, who was recruited to play fullback for Penn State (where he studied business and labor employment relations), received numerous injuries to his neck, back, and feet.

He still has lingering pain as a consequence but relies on CBD to make it through the day.

Hardcore as they are, Lewis and Matzkin were a bit irritated by the inflated prices of CBD products on the market that seemed to target Instagram models or those who perceived CBD as “a cool new thing.”

Meanwhile, they thought, a whole world of construction workers, coal miners, or stay-at-home moms was unjustly left out because of the luxurious halo around CBD. And they are the backbones of the country.

That’s why Envy Hemp was founded.

Making CBD More Affordable

“When we were exploring the CBD market, we saw that consumers were being charged overly high prices for what was often less than quality product, due to limited regulation and lack of oversight in the industry,” said Kirby Drake, Executive Coordinator at Envy Hemp.

Their research showed that there was a huge discrepancy between price and quality on the CBD market.

“Inaccurate CBD quantity reporting (whether intentionally or as the result of inadequate manufacturing procedure), lack of third party testing, poor safety measures, etc. were teeming throughout the market. We wanted to be the difference,” explained Drake.

But things are changing.

“The industry standards have risen in the past couple of years, and consumers have become more diligent shoppers. We salute the progress. Transparency shouldn’t be a courtesy, but a fundamental right of a customer,” she was definite.

In short, the unregulated CBD market has also allowed for the artificial inflation of prices and many risky compromises with quality and safety. 

“When you think about it, CBD does have a “high price of admission” for the average American, if he or she wants to use it as a potential solution to various ailments,” Drake added.

Envy Quality

The “problem” was, they never wanted to compromise with quality.

“We started Envy Hemp to make people’s daily lives better and easier. Aiming to provide a CBD product that would be affordable, we had to find a sustainable manufacturing model. And because each individual at our company is driven by the all-American belief that through hard work, sacrifice and dedication, anything can be achieved, we did,” proudly said Drake.

First, they set their focus on water-soluble CBD.

“Our water tinctures are between 6 and 9 times more bioavailable. This means your CBD works faster and can deliver greater symptom relief when compared to traditional CBD tinctures,” Kirby explained.

“The basis of water-soluble CBD is in nanotechnology, specifically in a process called sonication. Sonication takes high-amplitude sound waves and uses them to break down the CBD molecule from about 2000 nanometers to an average of 20 nanometers in Envy Hemp products,” she added.

To give you the perspective, the average size of a red blood cell is 7,000 nanometers.

Because they wanted full control of quality costs, they invested in the state-of-the-art high-amplitude ultrasonic technology and their own in-house laboratory.

“Our costs are minimized on multiple fronts, so to say. First, we do not use a third-party company to manufacture our products, we do not outsource or white label our products. Additionally, volume production and in-house research and development have a major impact on forming the end price. Envy Hemp develops its formulas from start to finish, thus cutting down on outside spending for flavor or emulsion innovation,” Drake was precise.

“Also, and this is very important,” she emphasized, “our own in-house laboratory allows us to test the products at each manufacturing stage, from raw materials to the final products. After raw materials undergo initial screening, they are then sent out to be tested by an independent third-party facility that is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and NELAP certified before ever being introduced to the product in the manufacturing process,” she explained.

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

Envy Hemp is giving support to hard workers in one more way – by prioritizing farming partners who show a commitment to harvesting an ecologically sustainable crop.

“As the CBD industry evolves, we believe it will be necessary for brands to source solely from compliant, scaled American hemp producers. This is why Envy Hemp will continuously support farmers who practice responsible hemp agriculture,” Drake said.

In light of recent accusations of the ecologically harmful effects of the industry, this kind of business practice and decision could be more far-reaching than it might appear.

It not only patronizes ecological stewardship but also sketches a system of positive business value that cherishes responsible action.


While choosing sustainable farming partners may seem to long-haul consequences, there’s always something we can do right here and right now.

“We at Envy Hemp are very grateful for those who’ve served as members of the United States military. The veteran has served to protect us. Without them, we wouldn’t have the freedom that makes building a successful business possible. Therefore, providing a free month’s supply and creating a discount program for them is just a small token of our appreciation,” emphasized Kirby.

A token might be small, but the idea behind it is bighearted.

Especially now, when more and more veterans are relying on cannabis for the treatment of diagnosed or undiagnosed issues.

Drake said that CBD could potentially help anyone, but it just so happens that some of the most well documented benefits of CBD are the same solutions veterans often seek for service-connected injuries or traumas. Things like joint and muscle pain relief or stress and anxiety management, in particular.

“By making our functional products more readily available to vets, we hope that they can reap the benefits of what we believe is a truly effective supplement in a small show of our appreciation for their service and sacrifice,” she concluded.

Tell Me Your Business Practice, and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

The saturated CBD market has most recently been accused of many things, some of which include ecological harm, racism, and lack of quality control.

The bulk of complaints can be summed up in a saying that “cannabis only sees green.”

Experts are unified in the conclusion that a lot of “bad players” and “fly by night companies” are harming both the customers and the industry’s cause in general.

So, now could be the best time to ask the industry – who are your “good guys”? And mark their name with a green pen.

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