Florida man gets arrested for burning a pile of weed leaves in his yard

A man from Florida got arrested for burning a pile of weed leaves in his yard, after a complaint for open burning was filed against him.

Florida’s Indian River County Sheriff’s Department responded on an open burning call which led them to arrest 64-year old David Frederick Ellis.

The Sheriffs pointed out that the fire in Ellis’s yard was giving out a strong smell of marijuana, to which Ellis said “I was only burning the leaves, it’s trash,” later adding, “It’s trash, you don’t smoke that, I’ve got like a quarter pound of it inside.”

The cops entered his home to find more than 6 ounces of smokable marijuana and just a bit of cannabis concentrates.

After all was said and done, Ellis was arrested for unlawful possession of illegal drugs, as well as possession of drug-related paraphernalia.

This case can be compared to quite a few others across the country, however nobody makes the same amount of ridiculous headliners as the infamous “Florida man”.

Adventures of Florida man

Everyone knows Florida man was planted by the government so that they would stop black people from registering to vote. That’s a well known fact. It’s even been said in the popular TV show “Atlanta”.

“Make sure you tell ’em to watch out for Florida man…”

Weed related Florida man incidents have been on the rise in the last few years as legal marijuana came into the focus of the media in the last 10-20 years.

One of the more famous Florida man incidents happened just a few months ago when a young Florida man tried paying for his food at McDondalds with weed, not once, but twice.

Another young Florida man made his debut in the news when he was caught with one bag of weed which weighed about a pound, stuffed in his pants. He ran a red light and cops pulled him over, only to smell the strong odor of weed coming directly from his crotch area.

However, the most famous mention of the Florida man was the one that was perhaps the most gruesome at the same time — the face-eating zombie incident when a male allegedly high off bath salts attacked and ate another man’s face in the middle of the street.

With medical cannabis now legal in Florida, all the wild men will hopefully chill out for a little while.

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