Germany refuses to grow more medical cannabis despite a growing demand

A court in Germany has stopped the tendering process for medical marijuana, in the wake of a huge struggle on the side of German government failing to provide medical users with prescription cannabis.

Germany is weed-dry, or at least its official medical cannabis program is.

Over the course of the past few months, many companies have been bidding for a chance to land a contract for supplying the German government with medical marijuana.

A few days ago the Düsseldorf’s Higher Regional Court has stopped the tendering process for the lucrative contract.

The court deemed that there wasn’t enough time for all parties to compete in the bidding fairly.

Not enough to go around

The contract was released in April 2017 by the German Federal Agency for Medicines and Medicinal Products, which was looking for a cannabis producer able to supply the program with at least 6.600 kilograms (6.6 tons) of cannabis per year, until 2022.

Bonn-based Federal Agency for Medicines and Medicinal Products said that the first crop was supposed to be reaped in early 2019 according to this contract, but as of now, those are just futile plans.

The Agency also said that the bidding was ended due to the bidding process being fraught with complications and that a considerate number of complaints was filed during that time.

At the time of the decision to cancel the bidding, the Agency had already shortlisted 10 potential producers.

The biggest issue here will be, in the end, the suffering of the people that actually need the drug, as the number of medical marijuana users has climbed drastically in Germany.

Seeing how the German market is highly regulated, and it only allows for imported cannabis from Canada or Netherlands which are already established and highly priced, the price goes up faster than you can notice.

“The kind of cannabis medicine we import has to meet extremely high quality standards and has nothing in common with coffee shop weed,”explained Niklas Kouparanis, dispensary manager.

Cannabis producers that plan on exporting their cannabis to the German Medical System must conform to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) international guidelines, something only Canadian and Netherlands companies have done so far.

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