Health Canada suspended Bonify’s cannabis sales license

Health Canada suspended the cannabis sales license for Bonify Medical Cannabis as reports surfaced that the Winnipeg-based producer had hired a broker to buy illegal cannabis.

Just two days ago Health Canada decided to suspend the sales license for cannabis producer Bonify Medical Cannabis, as multiple problems coincidently happened by the end of December.

The first issue surfaced when consumers started reporting cannabis products to Health Canada, so HC recalled Bonify products from the shelves in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Regulators in Manitoba pulled all Bonify products from the shelves as a precaution, and Saskatchewan pulled 2 strains from the shelves due to the recall.

Even Namaste rejected their tainted supply and reportedly returned a supply of dried cannabis they received from Bonify.

Bonify won’t be the first cannabis company to have their license revoked as Agrima Botanicals was the first LP to have its license suspended in August, as it “did not meet record-keeping and other compliance requirements” during a Health Canada inspection in August.

The investigation into Bonify

As its next move into investigating this issue, Health Canada hired George Robinson to conduct a review and investigate Bonify Medical Cannabis.

He found that three executives engaged in illegal activities — they bought illegal cannabis and sold it as if it was their regular product.

The three executives were fired, and an executive assistant was dismissed as well, and Health Canada passed the case file to RCMP.

“A senior management teammade some bad choices and forced upon the organization a culture change that now led us up to this point”, said Robinson, CEO of RavenQuest.

Robinson said that several employees tried to speak out about the 200 kilograms of unauthorized cannabis which was brought to the Winnipeg production facility, but were pressured to look the other way.

He also confirmed that the product was unauthorized and that it contained traces of bacteria, yeast, mold, and the unconfirmed presence of E. coli.

However, he refused to call the products “illegal” or “illicit” as he couldn’t confirm the origin of the cannabis, although it was pretty obvious that it came from an illegal channel.

Manitoba’s cannabis regulators proceeded to yank all Bonify products from stores as a precaution last week, but Robinson said the irregular product was never sold in the province.

Robinson said his review has been unable to verify where the illegal marijuana came from, and hopefully, the RCMP will have better luck at solving this puzzle.

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