Hemp Americana is Another Cannabis Stock Worth Looking Into

New York-based rolling paper and CBD oil company Hemp Americana has announced a critical shareholder update as it has recently made a major addition to its Portland, Maine facility.

Hemp Americana wishes to report details related to its recent move to sharply reduce outstanding share count, as well as plans for a major strategic revival of its online presence and sales channels.

The reduction of 2.25 billion shares will lower the count down from 6 billion to 3.75 billion, which they tend to further lower in the near future.

These changes will support the launch of full-scale operations at the Portland, Maine facility: in-house extraction of 100% pure CBD Oil.

Hemp Americana also concluded a 5-year lease on their indoor facility in Maine. The lease also includes 8 acres of surrounding land, some of which could be repurposed for growing cannabis.

The Portland facility currently hosts a cannabis extraction machine bought in 2016 which is capable of:

  • 25 lbs. of hemp material per day
  • approximately 100 grams of CBD oil per day
  • holding 10 liters of cannabis oil

It will also host the new 200-liter Supercritical C02 Extractor machine, which should arrive to the facility in the first quarter of 2018.

Hemp Americana production levels should exponentially accelerate, eventually reaching a 100% increase in total operational output.

The market for CBD products has continued to accelerate and is now estimated to grow by 700% through 2020 according to Forbes, giving a lot of room to Hemp Americana to get a fair share.

About Hemp Americana

Hemp Americana is a CBD oil business using the brand name Weed Got Oil.

The company owns a CBD extraction machine and they plan on expanding to the global market, all the while opening three new laboratories for the extraction and research of the oils

Hemp Americana also does research, development, and sale of products made from industrial hemp.

Source: Official Press Release

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