17 Truly High CBD Strains And Their Effects (The Complete List)

It has been known for quite a while that the second most popular cannabinoid found in marijuana has an extraordinary impact on an entire plethora of psychological and medical conditions.

Cannabidiol, or in short CBD, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in all varieties of the cannabis plant, and unlike its mischievous cousin THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol), it doesn’t create any mind-altering or hallucinogenic states of mind.

The way all cannabinoids work is they stimulate the endocannabinoid system (a system that all mammals have, including us humans), which is a physiological system that’s in charge of keeping the body in perfect balance (sciency word is homeostasis), on a microscopic, cellular level.

The endocannabinoid system can be stimulated by three different kinds of cannabinoids, and those are endocannabinoids, which are made solely in our body, phytocannabinoids which are found in cannabis, and synthetic cannabinoids, which are lab-made.

So the ECS (endocannabinoid system) is affected by the active cannabinoid compounds found in pot, and CBD (which is the second most prominent cannabinoid in the marijuana plant) is responsible for causing relaxation, reduction of anxiety, battling inflammation, destroying bacteria, lessening the symptoms of pain and nausea, and plenty more.

Using strains that are potent in both CBD and THC can have some astonishing effects on one’s health, because of the so-called entourage effect, where the two cannabinoids boost each other’s strengths.

Some studies also suggest that consuming both cannabinoids also helps to fight cancer cells with much more energy and power than when absorbed independently.

Exclusive bonus: Download a free dosage guide that will show you the exact step-by-step process Dr. Dustin Sulak used to successfully treat more than 18,000 patients with cannabis.

This synergic effect isn’t useful only for medical users, but CBD actually lessens the symptoms of paranoia and unrest caused by THC.

Another very important thing to consider is the ratio between CBD and THC, and the different effects that different ratios bring to the table.

Marijuana produces biphasic effects, which means that in small doses its cannabinoids create one effect and that larger doses may create some utterly contrasting ones.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, for example, can make you paranoid in larger quantities (and very carefree and laid back in lower dosages), so if you’re trying to achieve a casual, non-intrusive high, stick to strains where THC levels are low to moderate.

To sum it up, strains with high levels of THC and low levels of CBD are usually reserved just for recreational purposes, because of the mind-altering high that the THC cannabinoid creates.

Strains that are high in CBD and low in THC are awesome for medicinal purposes, as the cannabinoids in this type of ratio work amazing off each other, creating multiple health-beneficial effects, while the dominant CBD stops the low levels of THC getting you “typically” high.

Strains that are equal in percentages of both cannabinoids are quite rare on today’s market, offering a slight cerebral high, with the focus still remaining on the alleviation of health issues.

THC:CBD Ratio Effects
1:0 Very high psychoactive effects, uplifted emotions, uncontrollable laugh.
More prominent side effects for novice users.
2:1 Laugh and euphoria with calmer thoughts.
Mild side effects.
1:1 Biggest therapeutic benefits and tranquility.
Very few side effects.
1:2 Mild sedation and body relaxation.
Weak euphoria effect.
0:1 Antipsychotic and relaxing effects, great for therapeutic use.
No high effect.

Now that we’ve covered all the science behind the cannabinoids, we can advance to the core of this piece, which are the actual strains of course.

I will try to cover them with as much precision as possible, allowing the reader to have the most educated pick when choosing the perfect CBD strain.

If you’re from Canada, you can head over to Strainblazer, our tool that will help you find strains with the desired THC and CBD levels.

List of High CBD Strains

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CBD Mango Haze

One of the most recognizable high-CBD strains is definitely this one, delivering from 1:1 – 2:1 ratio between CBD and THC.

It has a tropical aroma with the flavors of mango and pineapple being the most evident in this strain. It’s also an energizing sativa dominant, and because of this a lot of medicinal users are drawn to it.

CBD Critical Cure

A crossbreed between Critical Kush and a ruderalis strain, Critical Cure has around 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, and percentages around 11% CBD and 5% THC.

It’s an indica-dominant which makes it a perfect tool for ending the day in a calm manner.

A very gentle “highness” can occur with Critical Cure.


With one of the most reliable expressions of CBD (almost always in a 5:2 CBD-THC ratio), Harlequin also has some sativa-dominant uplifting qualities, with very slight euphoric effects, and because of this, it’s one of the most sought-after CBD strains on the market.

Lacking the “stoned” effect, it’s perfect for daytime activities while maintaining a soothing CBD experience.

The taste of these buds can range from sweet-like mango an earthy aroma.


A cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami (which will also be included in this list), this hybrid can have some colossal CBD levels (20:1 CBD to THC), but this number is somewhat relative as some phenotypes have around 1:1 ratio.

The Harle-Tsu seeds have about a 75% probability to express their massive CBD levels, which makes this strain a perfect partner in crime for anxiety, pain and inflammation while keeping your mind clear and paranoia-free.


Besides the awesome rock n roll name, ACDC also exhibits an out-of-this-world CBD to THC ratio of about 20:1, with a staggering 19% CBD levels.

These stats make this strain a wondrous source of CBD, with an almost non-existent intoxication effect.

As far as the taste goes, expect an earth-like flavour with a pinch of sweetness in it.

Ringo’s Gift

As a crossbreed between ACDC and Harle-Tsu, you can expect some powerful CBD levels, of course, ranging from 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, to a mind-boggling 24:1 CBD/THC.

It’s was named for the legendary CBD trailblazer and cannabis advocate Lawrence Ringo, and with such a potent strain holding his name, his legacy will continue to endure.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Named after one of the greatest minds of our time, SHK was created from crossbreeding Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush.

With three available phenotypes, CBD levels can range from 5% to 20% CBD, and the phenotype that has the most CBD exudes a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

Expect a fruity/minty flavor with a twist of cherry, and a slight cerebral high.


With CBD ranging from 6 to 17 percent, and THC levels staying at under 6%, this hybrid strain delivers many medical benefits such as anxiety, pain, spasms and an instant relief from headaches, without the anxiousness and paranoia that can happen with too much THC.

Awesome for daily consumption, expect an earthy fragrance with a touch of citrus on your taste buds.

Sour Tsunami

This strain has around 10-11% CBD, while the THC content stays at about 6-10%. It’s also one of the first strains bred specifically for its high CBD levels.

Stress, depression, anxiety, but also pain and inflammation are rapidly relieved with Sour Tsunami, which has a musky piquant flavor with some sugary connotations.

Sweet & Sour Widow

With a balanced CBD-THC ratio of 1:1 (and 5-10% of both cannabinoids), this 70% indica 30% sativa hybrid offers great medicinal benefits with a slight and pleasant THC-high feeling.

This strain is great for new cannabis consumers because of its perfectly balanced cannabinoid profile, but with this much CBD it also fantastic for medicinal users who don’t want to get too blazed.

Charlotte’s Web

This awesome strain has one of the lowest levels of THC (usually at around 0.3%), and CBD levels at 17%, so you can expect serious medical possibilities with minimal psychoactivity related to THC.

Charlotte’s Web was made famous back in 2013 when it helped a little girl named Charlotte who’s suffering from Dravet Syndrome, a type of epilepsy with numerous seizures a day.

Because of the practically non-existent THC concentration, it’s extremely suitable for pediatric use.


This Cannatonic / Sour Tsunami hybrid has an equal range of about 10% CBD and 10% THC, making it a clear-headed and casual option for those looking for CBD health-benefits.

The high CBD levels keep the THC mental attack in check, and the flavor of this strain is also very rewarding, with a mixture of citrus sourness and earth-like aroma. Great for daytime use because of the generally upbeat vibe it brings about in people.


Another 1:1 CBD-THC strain, Pennywise is an indica cross from Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, with levels of both cannabinoids ranging from 12% to 15%.

This “dreadful” strain is amazing in battling for a great number of health issues including arthritis, epilepsy and cancer manifestations.

Because of the balanced structure and delicious flavors of coffee and pepper-bubblegum, Pennywise is ideal for daytime sessions.


A new strain coming from Oregon, Corazon is an ACDC x Charlotte’s Web cross, and it really packs a CBD punch, because testing confirmed levels of 22,5%CBD and only a 2.70% THC.

This makes Corazon (which is still only scarcely available), the highest scoring CBD strain on planet Earth at this very moment.

Blue Dragon Desert Frost

Another newcomer from Oregon’s Yerba Buena cannabis farm, the BDDF strain packs a powerful CBD punch at approximately 17% CBD and just a tiny 0.6% THC.

This of course means these buds have a wicked healing potential, with a minimal psychoactive trait of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Valentine X

A 50-50 indica sativa hybrid, Valentine X has a staggering 25:1 CBD to THC ratio, making it one of the go-to strains for a bunch of health issues, like seizures, inflammation, and even cancer.

Named after a saint of love and courtship, St Valentine is also a patron saint of epilepsy, and this strain was given this name because CBD is currently the most powerful medicine for these types of seizures.

CBD Critical Mass

An indica-dominant hybrid, CBD Critical Mass produces a ratio that ranges from 1:1 (CBD/THC) to about 2:1 (CBD/THC), and the growers report that it’s genetic parents are the famed Critical Mass strain and an unknown CBD-potent strain.

This hybrid is known to produce generous yields and is generally perfect like so many other strains in this list for a massive array of medical issues.

Think we’ve left some awesome strain in the dark?

If so, make sure you let us know in the comment box.

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32 thoughts on “17 Truly High CBD Strains And Their Effects (The Complete List)”

  1. A friend has had a grand mal seizure disorder, of sudden onset, for 25 years. That is, it did not start in childhood. The focus of the seizures is deep in the brain, and psychosurgery hasn’t been available until relatively recently. The focus, if it can be located, is deep in the brain and traditional surgery would have likely caused major braindamage or personality changes. Now, w/ laser surgery and robotic methods, surgery may be possible. However, the other major problem, is that 10 years ago, she developed a bilateral polyneuropathy in both lower legs and ankles. In addition, there seems to be a hyperbaric effect caused by the neuropathy. So, whenever a storm is coming in, the drop in the barometric pressure causes her ankles to swell. The poly neuropathy is extremely painful—and nothing works. Nothing. Not opiates, TMS, various lidocaine creams, lamictal, no anti-depressant and so on. The pain is excruciating, and she cannot lie flat in a bed. There is a small possibility that the surgery, if it could stop the seizures would obviate the need for the anti-seizure meds that caused the polyneuropathy in the first place.

    She is extremely reluctant to try marijuana b/c of the odor and smoke (obviously not there in an edible) and the possibilities of munchies. Also, when she was in college in the 70’s, several friends became “stoners”—obtunded, passive people w/ no motivation. She deoesn’t want that to happen, nor doe she want to badly influence her 20 year pld son w/ her marijuana use.

    It seems to me that, the strains w\ the highest CBD content and no or very little THC content might be best for her. Ideally, the strain should address, first, the severe pain, second, the anxiety and depression, as well as third, anti-seizure activity.

    She lives in CO.

    Can you recommend a strain that might help her? The pain is the most important symptom to be addressed. Cost is also important, but wouldn’t make use impossible. She’s on disability.

    Thank you,
    Sheila Wall, MD

    • Hey Sheila, because of the complicated nature of your friend’s condition, it somewhat difficult to achieve a perfect treatment all at once.

      For the grand mal seizure disorder and anxiety I would firmly recommend any high CBD strain with very little or without any THC levels, as it’s proven to work on almost all patients who combat any seizure disorders; we have an entire article soon to be released on that subject.

      CBD is also wonderful for anxiety for a number of different reasons as you can check out in this piece: https://greencamp.com/cbd-for-anxiety/

      Pain and depression on the other hand require a different cannabis treatment, which include strains that are either moderately, or quite high in THC, to stains that have both THC and CBD in substantial amounts.

      Check out these articles for more info:

      The thing that needs to be considered for the depression and pain treatment is that the strains that have very high THC levels can induce both anxiety and munchies to some degree, so choosing the ones that have both of the cannabinoids is a far better choice for your friend.

      Since we’re from Canada I can’t really pinpoint any exact strains in Colorado, but following my guidelines you’ll have no trouble finding the strains best for her conditions.

      Regarding the smell she can use either edibles or topicals, and during the 70’s cannabis was only used for fun unfortunately, because the knowledge that it could be used as an all-natural medicine was intentionally destroyed by propaganda several decades prior. Luckily our understanding of this majestic plant (and all the science that goes with it) is better than ever, and the stigma associated with irresponsible cannabis consummation will soon become a thing of the past.

  2. Thank you for info, need to know if it will help with short term memory loss due to concussion. I was considering Charlotte’s Web, does it come in oil drop form.

  3. I have mild aspergers, looking at me and day to day no one notices (they are shocked when I tell them) but I feel different and I feel like my brain processes things different. The only person who notices is my girlfriend because in high stress situation with her (because I’m comfortable) I end up freaking out with my anxiety that I deal with on a daily bases.

    I’m looking for a strain that will calm me down and not give me anxiety and let me release some of my anxiety, that will let me go around day to day normal and functional.

    When I smoke I feel like I’m just a normal person and I don’t think that I am different. I really hope to find a strain that will reduce my anxiety and also give me energy for the day.

    • I would suggest any strain that high in CBD, because this cannabinoid is proven to diminish anxiety.

      If you’re using strains that have both CBD and THC, just make sure that it doesn’t have to much THC, as it’s quite possible that the excess levels of THC will induce anxiety, or even paranoia.

      Also, you should focus on Indicas or Indica-dominant hybrids, because Sativa strains tend to be more energetic and much less relaxing and calming than Indicas.

      I hope this helps, and if you’re from Canada, you should check out our strain finder tool https://greencamp.com/strainblazer/.

  4. Hello Marco,

    I’m seeking more information in reference to these strains. So many! With that said I have concerns with an elderly folk with heart disease, gout, arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, blindness, etc… I guess you can say all over inflammation to sum it up? They are taking a hand full of medications. I see the benefits of some of these strains that may help them. My concern is if it is safe for the elderly and which strains do I need to be aware of that would result in adverse effects with certain medications? Also when is best to take CBD oil? How many hours before/after taking medications. I know this is a medical question and you may not be able to answer this — with that said would you point me to information online that I can research further? Many thanks for any information you can provide!

  5. Good info here.. ty 🙂

    What would you suggest for someone with arthritis.. knees, ankles etc… but does not like the indica high.. body highs = nausea/vertigo, but still likes the fragrance and flavor of weed?
    grandma does like her little sativa buzzes.. but so far, it’s not helping with walking and such.

    • Hi Cathail, you should definitely check out our strain finding tool https://greencamp.com/strainblazer/

      When you’re on it just select arthritis as a condition, and 6 strains will appear that are best suited for that specific ailment.

      For arthritis it’s best that cannabis has an approximately even levels of THC and CBD, but you can still choose a sativa dominant strain if that’s your preference 🙂

      I would also suggest topicals that have a similar concentration of cannabinoids like the six strains listed for this condition, and apply the cream directly on the affected areas.

      Hope this helps, and make sure to let me know if you require anything else

  6. I’m new to cannabis, I need some advice. I’m looking for a strain that’s good for granuloma annulare, colon/stomach problems, headaches, skin cancer, sleeping problems, heart disease. My mother is suffering from these conditions. I would like to buy some seeds for her but not sure which ones. In your expert opinion, which plant/strain would you recommend for these illnesses?

    Thank you, Laurika

    • Hey Laurika, because of the great number of conditions your mother is experiencing it’s very difficult to find a strain of cannabis that would be beneficial for all of them at the same time.

      For skin cancer I would suggest that you read our article on Rick Simpson Oil https://greencamp.com/rick-simpson-oil/

      For stomach issues, headaches and insomnia I suggest your try our strain finder tool https://greencamp.com/strainblazer/

      There you can choose the condition you want to treat, and our algorithm will show you the best possible strains currently available on the Canadian market.

  7. Hi Marco. Super interesting article. Thank you
    I wanted to ask a question.
    I see hemp CBD stores with different blends to smoke where they give each type a different effect
    Anti depressant
    Makes you sleepy
    Anti inflammatory
    Relaxation and so on….
    Is that a gimmick or are there different strains of hemp that have different effects?
    Is there some where I can read about this?

    • Hey Zohar, that’s a pretty legitimate question, and to answer it briefly yes, different strains of cannabis are capable of producing different effects, which are beneficial for different conditions.

      The thing that differentiates these strains is the quantity and ratio of specific cannabinoids, and terpenes which are responsible for the flavor and aroma of a strain, but also add to the therapeutic effect.

      We have a ton of articles that deal with this topic, please check out our health section https://greencamp.com/health/

  8. Not many CBD strains help with fatigue, which I have in spades from many concussions. I have tried CBD Black Widow, Charlottes Web, High Voltage CBD and an oil of unknown lineage. Everyone of those felt off and induced more fatigue with Charlottes Web being the best of them. I tracked a couple CBD strains down that Leafly ratings are good for fatigue. Johnny’s Tonic, Suzy Q, Sweet and sour widow and Stephen Hawking Kush. Now the next problem is where to find them.

  9. Hello…I suffer from Severe Panic Attacks, so I am looking for a stain that will help relieve them and make me more calm and at peace….but at the same time I also suffer from pain and depression (seems to go hand and hand with panic) so I’m also looking for a strain that can lift my mood and give me that giggly feeling….any ideas? Thank You

    • I take xanax and subutex I have been taking cbd gummies here and there for 3 days and just got medical cbd 2:1cbd 207.22 and thc 11.0. Have not yet taken it but hoping it helps I have tmj very bad and have headaches every day almost all.day on top of horrible neck pain and anxiety. Should I not take the oil?

      • Hey Sarah, you should definitely try using that THC/CBD oil, because combining these two cannabinoids is usually a lot more beneficial than using only one of them.

        Check out our dosing guide here: https://greencamp.lpages.co/dosage-ebook-greencamp/

        There you’ll find all the necessary info to properly begin your canna-treatment, and if there’s anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  10. Hi,
    I have been obese for a good part of my life. From what I’ve read CBD oil can help as an appetite suppressant. If so what Strano would you recommend?

    • Hey Deniz, as Charlotte’s Web is a signature strain of the Stanley Brothers company that developed it, I’m pretty sure you can’t find it online for sale. But using other high-CBD low-THC seeds should provide very similar effects to those from Charlotte’s Web.

    • I don’t know about stopping you from posting stupid comments on various websites, but some Kush Strains are known to produce that couch lock which makes you not wanna do anything… I suggest a strong indica strain with high THC levels instead of browsing CBD strains 🙂

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