Is medical cannabis truly gaining a foothold in the United Kingdom?

A woman reported to the local authorities that she’s been buying and growing cannabis illegally to support her very legal prescription. Another woman had her daughter’s cannabis oil confiscated at the airport.

These two separate incidents riled up the British public this week, and both of those were related to cannabis.

In the first case, a mother and her daughter were stopped at the airport, as they were attempting to enter the UK with a bunch of cannabis oil.

In a separate incident, another woman phoned her local police department and confessed to illegally buying and growing marijuana to supply her medical needs.

The United Kingdom recently legalized medical marijuana, however the law legalizing it was not broad, didn’t allow for the import or growing marijuana, and limited its use to heavily debilitating disabilities only.

UK to Netherlands for nothing

Emma Appleby and her daughter Teagan just flew into the airport, thinking things were only going to improve from there.

Unfortunately, they were soon informed that they are not allowed to enter the country. The reason for this is that Emma was carrying up to £4,500 worth of cannabis oil she purchased in Netherlands.

Her daughter Teagan has a rare chromosomal disorder as well as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome which cause her to have up to 300 seizures a day, and the stash of oil they brought from Netherlands would have lasted her for 3 months.

“I’m devastated. I’ve always tried to do the right thing. I’ve jumped through all the hoops but ended up being passed from pillar to post and being met with a flat ‘no’,” Emma said. “All I want is the best thing for my daughter. To have the medicine taken in this way is deeply upsetting.

Emma Appleby has also met with the UK health secretary Matt Hancock, who told her that he understood her frustration and pain, as well as a need for things to change.

The UK Government has pointed out that it is still unlawful to import cannabis-based products for medicinal use to the UK without the prescription of a specialist doctor and a Home Office importation licence.

Costs too high

Carly Barton, 32, has been one of the first patients to receive the private prescription for medicinal cannabis, but she can’t keep up with the costs of the treatment.

Lately, she admits she’s been either buying from street dealers, or growing her own weed, as prescription costs reach up to £1,300 a month.

“I am going to openly break the law until I can access my medicine or they give me some kind of exemption.I do not see myself as a criminal. There are two doctors who have prescribed it to me and now there is a vague law which does not seem to see it as a potential medicine.”

Ms. Barton moved onto medical cannabis when two independent doctors recommended it to her, as her original medication based on opioids wasn’t really making her feel any better.

She claims the drugs other doctors prescribed her included morphine and fentanyl, neither of which managed fibromyalgia -caused pain all too well..

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