Israel Could Supply The Whole US From Just One Cannabis Facility

The United States have been allies and partners with Israel for a very long time, decades actually, and during this time the US was the one helping Israel with many things.

Today, Israel might have a legitimate way to help the US with its cannabis supply.

Israel has been a long-standing pioneer in the field of medical cannabis, and recently it has built a one of a kind facility which is huge even by the US standards.

Israel offering a ‘Breath of Life’

The new facility appropriately named Breath of Life is capable of growing unbelievable amounts of cannabis, but not only that. This facility has the whole circle rounded, from seed to distribution.

Breath of Life is not just a cannabis factory. It boasts itself with a brand new production, research, and development campus located in the middle of Israel.

Here are some of the campus specs:

  • ~3500-square-meter plant
  • ~750-square-meter storage room
  • ~30,00 square meters of grow rooms
  • ~100,000 square meters of cultivation fields

Breathe of Life CEO, Tamir Gedo, explained that this facility should be able to produce up to 80 tons of medical cannabis on a yearly basis.

He also said that Breathe of Life has no interest in looking into the recreational cannabis market. Their goal is to produce high-grade medical cannabis and purified extracts of the cannabis plant such as THC and CBD.

Gedo also said that they intend on getting the FDA’s approval, but first they will need to conduct standardized double-blind clinical trials.

However, one of the reasons why such a small country as Israel has the upper hand on the US when it comes to weed is the fact that the federal government in the US still doesn’t recognize cannabis as a legal drug.

Israel doesn’t have such problems.

Director of the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis at Thomas Jefferson University, Charles Pollack, said that numerous countries around the world are looking to Israel for cannabis research and clinical testing.

“Israel is a hotbed of quality cannabis research, because it has a much more favorable regulatory climate for doing serious scientific research on medical cannabis,” – Charles Pollack

Given all these legal and political problems in the US, is there a possibility of the Israelites overshadowing the US market and pulling greater numbers, and even growing cannabis for US citizens?

Probably not.

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