As of January 2018, You Can Cultivate, Test and Grow Weed in San Diego

As of January 2018. San Diego will be yet another place on the globe on which you will be free to start up your cannabis related business without fear of the law.  The city council has had a vote on the subject of regulating marijuana, and the looks are good for San Diego’s cannabis industry.

Starting in January, you will be able to freely manufacture, grow and test cannabis in accordance with the State and city laws.  The council also expanded the rights of dispensaries currently working as medicinal providers, in order to expand their sales to recreational customers.

It is obvious, now more than ever before, that San Diego might become one of the leading forces in worlds cannabis industry. Once the law is in action, business owners will have the opportunity to open recreational dispensaries across the city.

The city council has set a cap of 40 recreational cannabis businesses for the whole city, which is over two times more than what was originally suggested – 18 for the whole city. The council also overturned a rule that was first suggesting that 2 such businesses should not be allowed to open in the vicinity of 100 feet to each other. That rule was struck down as well due to urbanistic reasons.

Councilwoman Barbara Bry has said that the localization of the supply is of utmost importance so that the state and city officials can properly regulate the quality of the product.

Even though the council has brought this decision as overwhelmingly in favor of legalization, a third of the council does not approve of it, as well as Chief of Police Zimmerman.

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf, which was one of the three opposing votes, has said that they should have listened to Chief Zimmerman regarding this decision, and that the council has been elected in order to oversee public safety, as well as that this step is completely contrary to the official policies of the council in charge of public safety.

The voters in San Diego have already voted on a tax that will be put on recreational marijuana, which will start at 5% and grow to 8% by 2019. The tax could, with the council’s approval, grow all the way to 15% in cases of farms, factories, and dispensaries.

Meanwhile, Chief Zimmerman urges the council and city officials not to open any new marijuana facilities within the city. Zimmerman claims that these facilities only cause trouble and get called in, such as the recent cases in Colorado.

“Officials throughout Colorado flat out told our team the revenue was just not worth these costs,” said Zimmerman.

So far, 30 businesses are active on the recreational market, and none of these businesses have made reports of criminal activities to police.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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