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K2 Drug Epidemic Hits Texas, Synthetic Cannabis on the Rise

Cases of the K2 drug, otherwise known as Spice have started popping up around the world yet again. Just recently a drug dealer suspected of distributing K2 has been arrested in Austin, Texas.

Austin Police Department has answered dozens of calls regarding K2 overdoses in the past year. Most of the cases were reported in the vicinity of a homeless shelter, in downtown Austin.

44-year-old Salah Said Omar El-Hennawi is one of six people that have been accused of running the underground synthetic marijuana business.

Meanwhile, across the pond, similar cases have started appearing in the United Kingdom. Spice has been a craze since the early 2010’s in the UK, as it has been nearly impossible to put an end to the synthetic drug-fueled crisis.

The city of Grimsby has seen a disturbing, growing trend of Spice abuse, some of which can even be seen on the streets of the city. Earlier this month Grimsby police found about 50 bags of controlled substances – of which some is thought to be Spice.

This unsettling footage could be the future of every country, city, and state if controlled substances are not properly regulated. Everyone knows Spice, aka K2 was made as a legal replacement for cannabis through experimentation and chemical experiment.

One of many reasons why Spice and K2 can be extremely dangerous is their chemical structure, which can be changed ever so slightly to abide the laws, but still be very effective.

Spice producers do just that once the contents of the synthetic drug are outlawed – they slightly change the chemical structure of the drug and keep selling it as the same thing.

This, in fact, is the most dangerous part of the story – you are basically always testing the product on yourself and awaiting your body’s response. One such response is exactly what you see in the video above.

Spice, or K2, is yet another example of how keeping cannabis in the dark and illegal can be of deadly consequence. Similar FDA approved substances have appeared in Des Moines, Iowa and started making damage already.

Coby O’Brien-Emerick, 27, now suffers from chronic seizures due to prolonged use of synthetic marijuana. Coby quickly developed habit because of its low cost and availability. Shortly after falling into addiction, Coby started suffering his first seizures.

The first seizure happened while Coby was surrounded by friends, none of which have called 911 for fear of repercussions. This only goes to show that people think of Spice as marijuana in the eyes of the police.

We can only hope and pray that this crisis doesn’t hit the streets of Ontario and the rest of Canada, given that we already have a crisis to battle in Hamilton against opioids.

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