Kevin Durant Lowkey Might be The Most Popular Stoner Athlete

NBA MVP and quadruple scoring champion Kevin Durant has been in and out of the news, mostly regarding his basketball plays, but last couple years also in regards to marijuana.

Karl Anthony Towns might be the loudest player who’s supporting medical cannabis for fellow NBA players, but he is definitely not the most famous, or the best player to do so.

This might not necessarily be a bad thing, as marijuana has found a way to get into the mainstream media more and more over the years, so much so that now even ex-NBA commissioner David Stern is for it.

Over two years ago, KD was spotted leaving an LA club while having his foot injured.

Moments later, a black SUV pulled up near the club with the camera lights still on Kevin Durant, who was at the time approaching the said SUV.

The moment Kevin’s bodyguard opened the door, a small orange prescription bottle full of (presumably) medical marijuana fell out of the SUV.

Now, we’re not condemning KD for possibly using medical weed, as it is still illegal for NBA players to do so as they might get tested for illegal substances at any moment.

Was Kevin Durant caught hotboxing?

Several days ago, a Golden State Warriors fan posted a selfie of himself and KD peeking through the window of his car, qu.

The caption said that he just met Kevin Durant driving around with a friend smoking sticky icky in the car, even though no weed is visible in the photo.

We can’t confirm with certainty that he was smoking because we weren’t there to testify, but there seem’s to be no smoke coming out the window, and his eyes don’t seem to be red.

Ex NBA player turns to medical weed

NBA players get prescriptions for anti-inflammatory drugs on the regular. Not only NBA players though.

Almost all athletes are under enormous amounts of pressure, not only on the mental side of things but much more often on the physical side of things.

One such player was Al Harrington, an ex NBA player who was on anti-inflammatory drugs for 7 years, before ending his NBA career.

Al Harrington saw the opportunity to get close to the world of medical weed and influence the NBA in order to help his fellow NBA players and other athletes.

“I’m not lying, I was one of those guys who grew up thinking if you smoked weed you had no future,” Al Harrington said. “I never tried it as a kid.”

During his playing years, Harrington mostly had issues with his knees, because of which he ultimately retired in 2014.

Al began using medicinal cannabis in the form of creams and oils that he rubbed on his knees, which severely eased his pain and aches.

Talking to David Stern about the possibilities of cannabis in the world of athletes, he actually turned around the ex-commissioner.

“I’m now at the point where, personally, I think it probably should be removed from the banned list,” David Stern said.

I hope some day we can get KD high together, Kevin!

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