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Kosher Marijuana Certified in Ottawa for Jews Across Canada

Weed is kosher! Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut group has granted a kosher license to Hydropothecary Corp. on Jewish New Year’s Eve.

“According to the Torah, according to the Talmud, this is something that if we are able to help sick people, that is my obligation,” said Vaad’s Rabbi Levy Teitlebaum.

To those unfamiliar with what kosher means, it is a certain way of preparing everything that is ingested by Jewish people, as a part of their traditions and culture. Up until a couple days ago, cannabis was not on the list of kosher consumables.

The first kosher medicinal marijuana license went to Hydropothecary Corp, a cannabis producer based in Gatineau, Quebec, near Ottawa.

Company CEO Sebastien St-Louis said in a statement: “As the only medical marijuana company in Canada with kosher-certified processed products, we take great pride in having the support of the kashrut council”.

Even though cannabis in Quebec needs to be kosher in order for Jewish citizens of this province to consume it, opinions are different across the whole country. Jewish residents of Ontario are free to consume medicinal marijuana

Jewish residents of Ontario are free to consume medicinal marijuana, as the certifiers in Toronto believe that medicinal cannabis does not need to be certified, as it is being used in medicinal purposes.

The controversial plant has already been in the media regarding whether it’s kosher or not, as the leading US rabbi has ruled in favor of weed just last year, saying that “consuming marijuana for medical reasons is kosher for Passover”.

Even though medicinal marijuana has been declared as kosher in Quebec, it remains to be seen how will recreational legalization affect its status in the Jewish community across the whole country. So far, there have been no major announcement from the said community leading up to legalization in July 2018.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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