LCBO and Ontario Cannabis Store light up Twitter with a new logo

The Government of Ontario, LCBO, and Ontario Cannabis Store, its agency which will be in charge of selling and distributing recreational cannabis as of this summer, have made a huge blunder as the promotion of their newly designed company logo has been received rather poorly and is being mocked on social media.

The Ontario Cannabis Store is a newly made government subsidiary of LCBO, and the company was created solely for the purpose of it being the province’s distributor of cannabis as of this summer.

Vast amounts of money are being invested in building up this company, and some of that money went into giving the company a logo which is supposed to help grow it into a household brand.

However, somewhere along that road, the design team turned South. Needless to say, the $650,000 investment can only be compared to Pepsi’s famous 1 million redesigning job.

Here is what the design team charged with creating this logo came up with in the end:

OCS Ontario cannabis store logo

Were they listening to minimal techno? Were they inspired by Frank Stella and the minimalist movement? Questions are being asked.

In fact, many took to Twitter in order to ridicule and make best of the poor situation at hand.

Here are just some of the best designs which just slightly tweaked the original:

Then, someone added a single line to the original and made PEI’s cannabis store logo. Without spending a dime. In MS Paint.

Someone also suggested a more thoughtful version of the logo, which would at least get more people focused on previous cannabis offences:

Comparisons with famous minimalist designs were made:

A few hours after the announcement of the new logo went public, Twitter and the rest of the internet went to work.

Here is our own little contribution:

We also have the Ontario Cannabis Store Q1 financial report ready, as Big Shaq was kind enough to help them out:

If you’d like to join the bandwagon and help the Ontario Cannabis Store brand become even more viral, post your version of the above mentioned logo with a hashtag #OCS.

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