Licensed Producers in Canada Want to Keep Their eCommerce Sales

Recent announcements by the government of Ontario, which explain their plans to completely monopolize recreational pot sales in the summer of 2018, have left many people questioning potential scenarios that could take place if Canada’s province goes through with their plan.

One of the biggest questions so far was how will cannabis consumers react when they find out their favorite dispensary has been shut down or that the website they used to purchase at is not eligible to sell anymore.

The biggest licensed producers in Canada have immediately agreed with this initiative, which is not surprising, as this plan will undoubtedly remove all craft growers from the competition, leaving only the big guns.

However, Canopy Growth, one of the biggest producers in Canada have some concerns when it comes to government monopolizing the ecommerce sales as well.

“Including e-commerce is a key aspect of this announcement, particularly given the Province’s tiered retail storefront roll-out plan.

We encourage the government to consider allowing existing licensed producers to continue their e-commerce sales if this can allow for a more cost-effective, expeditious, and varied sales model for Ontarians.”

So, Canopy Growth has no problem with the government shutting down on the ground dispensaries, but they do have a problem with them monopolizing website sales for recreational users.

This comes as no surprise, as Canopy Growth has a website that now allows people to buy products from all of their brands in one place and the government’s plan will undoubtedly jeopardize their new business model for the recreational market.

According to Financial Post, the current medical market in Canada should not be affected by this and the medicinal users should always be able to keep their existing purchase process.

Right now, one of the most important things is to ensure that medicinal users do not have to go through the complicated process of switching to another purchase method. There are many people that rely on eCommerce websites run by LP’s and so keeping that should be the number one priority.

As for the recreational market, we have to wait and see how this plan to monopolize online sales will be put into action.

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