Low temp dabs are healthier than high temp dabs due to terpene degradation

low temp dabbing

A recent study conducted by the chemistry department at the Portland State University confirmed that low temp dabs are less harmful than high-temperature dabs, which may release carcinogenic particles.

The age-long discussion of whether low temp dabs are “healthier” than high temp dabs has been ended by scientists at the Portland State University, and their judgment is final.

They have found evidence that inhaling vapor from high-temperature dabs may be extremely harmful, as the cannabis extracts which are consumed via this method are confirmed to release carcinogenic particles once burned at very high temperatures.

Here is how the science behind dabbing at high temperatures works, and why low temp dabs are a much better choice for your health.

Low temp dabs are less harmful

This is the big truth when it comes to dabbing cannabis extracts. Dabbing, vaping, smoking, and all other types of cannabis consumption that involve some type of inhaling are in fact harmful.

Whether we like it or not, that’s a fact just as much as that cannabis is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol.

However, in this case, there is something we can do about it — we can switch up the temperatures. Since we live in a modern day and age, we have access to many different types of rigs and setups.

This fits perfectly in the “low temp narrative” as the solution to all potential problems is just lowering the temperature to below 500°C, since everything over that and you are starting to enter the danger zone.

Today’s popular dab pens use only temperatures lower than that, so that’s a sure way to dab without any risks to one’s health.

At some point around the 500°C – 600°C terpenes start degrading and releasing carcinogenic substances.

The researches used a cigarette machine and a dabbing rig with a ceramic nail which was heated up to various temperatures in order to perform the experiment.

They came to a conclusion that cannabis extracts release a substance called methacrolein at around 750°C and benzene at around 930°C, both of which are known to cause cancer.

At temperatures over 900°C terpenes started releasing dangerous levels of these substances, which was easily visible in the results when the researchers screened the combustion chamber.

What is the best temperature for low temp dabs?

To be completely honest, there are many schools of thought on what is the best temperature for dabbing cannabis extracts.

Low temp dabs have proven to be just as potent as high temp dabs, but you aren’t risking getting cancer when taking them.

Here’s an image showing what type of effects you can expect while dabbing at different temperatures:low temp dabs

Many experienced cannabis users strongly suggest staying below 500°C, however, unless you have an e-nail you’ll never be able to determine quite exactly.

So, here is what you can do if you have a quartz banger:

  1. Heat up the glass until the bottom starts getting red.
  2. Give it about 40-50 seconds before you drop the extract inside. Use a stopwatch.
  3. Cover with a carb cap and inhale everything in the quartz part.
  4. Clean up the banger with a Q-tip after you’ve done smoking it.

You can also use a simple piece of toilet paper for cleaning the quartz piece. If you don’t give it at least 30 seconds before dropping in the extract, you risk burning the banger and releasing the carcinogenic fumes.

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