Marijuana Legalization in Canada: 12 Producers Form Co-Operative

Just a day after Alberta officials have announced the provincial plan for regulating recreational cannabis, 12 licensed producers have joined ventures and formed a Co-Operative in order to take the pressure off the province.

Darren Karasiuk, Committee chair of the Canadian Cannabis Co-op said that they have a “diverse, regulated supply of cannabis available to Canadians on July 1” and more importantly, they will not be weighing down on the provincial or federal government by asking for subsidies as they are already well established in the medical market.

“The medical cannabis world has gone through tremendous growth in the last three or four years,” he said.  Karasiuk also suggested the government should trust the expertise of medical marijuana producers, such as these 12 producers since the province has not yet made its decision regarding the sales model of recreational cannabis.

Karasiuk also said that a well-working e-commerce platform is one of the main ways in which the province can push the consumers away from the black market, as it has proven to be quite a successful model for the medical market.

Marijuana legalization in Canada is no easy task

Given that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government announced the legalization of recreational cannabis, and ran with it as a part of their campaign platform, it was to be expected that conducting that promise will be a tough nut – and it has been so far.

Prime Minister Trudeau promised that the legalization will come on July 1st, and he is doing all he can to make sure provinces come through on that promise. However, not everything is going in the way it was supposed to, or at least not in the way the public thought it should be going.

Instead of putting a completely liberal model in place which would allow private businesses to boost the industry and make a more competitive market, the federal government left it up to the provinces to decide which type of model they will apply.

So far, Ontario and Quebec have decided to regulate cannabis with the help of LCBO, and Alberta is still deciding even though it has announced its plan on Wednesday. However, there are still hopes for a free market in several states such as Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Prime Minister Trudeau recently announced a $1 dollar tax plan for sales of marijuana of up to one gram, and a 10% tax on sales of over one gram of dried cannabis flower.

Premieres at a Tuesday ministers meeting argued provinces should get most of the revenue due to expected legalization costs. Trudeau’s plan at this moment suggests that the tax revenue will be shared equally among the provincial and federal governments.

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