Mayor of Seattle: Cole Memo rollback is misguided legal overreach

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems determined to push his federal agenda onto the states that already legalized cannabis in some form by rolling back the Cole Memo which protects the rights of states that did so.

In the past few weeks, there has been a huge hype surrounding marijuana since California legalized recreational use on January 1st.

But, things haven’t been so hot in Washington DC where Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been rallying his troops for a new round of crackdowns on state-run cannabis programs.

In fact, Sessions has been more vocal on the topic these days than ever before. This is very conflicting with President Trump’s election promises that he won’t roll back on the state rights.

Bipartisan support for medical marijuana

Now, politicians from both sides are lining up in order to protest Sessions’ weed Blitzkrieg. Several mayors from the biggest cities around the US have signed a letter expressing their concerns regarding the federal crackdown.

The first one on that list was Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan, who initiated the signing. Prior to her position as Mayor of Seattle, Ms. Durkan served as the Attorney for the Western District of Washington, appointed by President Barack Obama.

In the previous days, several Democrats and Republicans voiced their support to state-run cannabis programs, all the while condemning Sessions’ plan for the crackdown.

Michigan House Speaker Tom Leonard, a member of the GOP, was also one of the people to voice his concern with the possible crackdown.

Just yesterday, a politician from the opposing side of the bench doubled down on his fight for legal marijuana.

Senator Jeff Merkley from Oregon showed his support to all those looking for medical marijuana, as well as promising to fight Sessions on the topic.

Would you ever think that as the Attorney General is announcing a crackdown, some of the states would simply ignore the highest ranking lawyer in the country and carry on legalizing marijuana?

Well, that is exactly what happened a week ago, as Vermont went ahead and the Vermont Senate passed a bill legalizing cannabis.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider that Vermont is the state which is represented by Bernie Sanders.

Lastly, the case of a 12-year-old with epilepsy fighting Sessions in court is a month away from the final stage. Sessions is to show up on February 14th at a New York City federal courthouse.

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