Medical Marijuana Patients Might Feel the Shortage in Canada

Given that recreational legalization is just around the corner, Canadian officials are voicing their concerns regarding a possible shortage of cannabis once the sales of recreational cannabis hit the stores.

Health Cannada said that they expect growers to give priority to medical marijuana patients who rely on cannabis products to help them with their tasks on an everyday basis.

Jonathan Zaid, executive director of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana says the government needs to put a policy in place to ensure that happens, or risk recreational users flooding the market.

“It’s important that these products continue to be available as we head into legalization,” said Jonathan Zaid. “It’s concerning that there is no specific supply guarantee for medical cannabis patients. We are really advocating for Health Canada as well as the industry to ensure that the medical market is fully supplied, to ensure patients have reliable, consistent access.”

One of many issues related to this problem is the fact that cannabis growers which are currently supplying the medical market will also be supplying the recreational market once its open.

Health Canada has started issuing more cannabis growing licenses to new producers, but many analysts still think that there will still be a shortage come July 1st.

Medical marijuana protest outside UK Parliament

On the other side of the Atlantic, the UK legalization activists and several members of the Parliament for a “cannabis tea party” demanding legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Activists smoked joints at the tea party just yards away from the House of Commons even though UK law is still quite strict when it comes to cannabis possession — maximum sentence can go even up to 5 years.

Members of the Parliament and activists insisted starting a conversation on medical cannabis legalization, seeing how most UK Parliament members still think of this as a taboo.

Labour Party’s Parliament member Paul Flynn said: “It’s political cowardice. They are afraid of being accused of going to pot. I’m afraid governments get brownie points for appearing to act tough.”

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