Melatonin and Weed: What Happens When You Mix Them

The exact relationship between cannabis and melatonin is yet to be fully understood by science, which prevents us from forming any definitive conclusions.

There are several aspects to cover, and the most important ones are:

  • Does cannabis influence melatonin levels?
  • Does cannabis interact with melatonin supplementation?

Before we get into their convoluted relation, we should first spend some time getting acquainted with melatonin.

Most people know that it’s an over-the-counter supplement that helps us fall asleep, but melatonin is actually a truly fascinating molecule.

An introduction to melatonin

Melatonin is a naturally occurring body-produced hormone, and its main function is to regulate the circadian rhythm (also known as the sleep-wake cycle).

The circadian rhythm is a natural biological internal process that repeats itself approximately every 24 hours.

This rhythm is observed in plants, fungi, animals and humans, and is driven by the circadian clock.

The circadian clock (also known as the circadian oscillator) is an evolutionary internally-synchronized mechanism which allows an organism to predict environmental changes, and accordingly fine-tune its biological responses.

Human biological clock
Source: wikimedia

This graphic helps clarify the numerous internal mechanisms of the circadian clock.

The main role of melatonin is to prepare the body for sleep, and this effect is achieved through several interlocking mechanisms.

Firstly, the retina (which is the light-sensitive layer of the eye) sends electrical impulses to the SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus), a miniscule region within the brain.

The SCN receives the “brightness” data from the retina, and depending how “bright or dark” the data, sends new electrical impulses to the pineal gland, which is responsible for the secretion of melatonin.

The cooperation of these three systems (retina, SCN and the pineal gland) is how the human body produces melatonin, and it is completely intertwined with the circadian rhythm.

Melatonin production begins when night starts (courtesy of darkness), and stops when the day begins (courtesy of light), preparing the body to be awake.

Now we should check out the available research on melatonin and cannabis.

Melatonin and cannabis

While the effects of cannabis on sleep are well known (and undeniably complicated as they depend on numerous factors including type of weed, quantity, frequency of use, time of consumption and so forth), the relationship between cannabis and melatonin is severely unresearched.

Rare mentions of melatonin in regards to cannabis come from a 2017 study (1) from the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences.

In it, the research team states:

Cannabis alters the sleep–wake cycle, increases the production of melatonin, and can inhibit the arousal system by activating cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in the basal forebrain and other wake-promoting centers.”

The aforementioned study was also quoting an older research from 1986 (2), which was observing melatonin levels in nine male volunteers (ages 29 to 33), after consuming a joint containing THC, and a regular cigarette without any THC.

This research found that after using cannabis, eight out of nine participants had a significant increase of melatonin in the blood.

Two additional aspects that the scientists also cited are frequency of use, and quantity of consumed cannabis.

According to their analysis, THC lessens the time required to fall asleep in occasional users, but also in frequent users (only in low doses).

High doses of THC in frequent users can cause increased sleep latency (more time required to fall asleep), shorter duration of sleep, and less slow-wave sleep (also known as the “deep sleep” phase).

What happens when you mix melatonin and weed?

Before we get into this paragraph, it’s important to note that no research was performed on the combined effects of cannabis and melatonin, and therefore we don’t condone or advise the use of these substances in unison.

The advised dose for melatonin is between 1 and 3 milligrams, and it’s also recommended not to consume melatonin supplements for a period longer than two months.

It’s also relevant to mention that since both melatonin and cannabis are safe substances, combining them infrequently and responsibly should not bring about any serious adverse effects.

The main sensations from anecdotal reports are closed-eye hallucinations (also known as closed-eye visualizations), and the ability to experience intense dreams while being high.

These reported closed-eye hallucinations resemble dream-like states where the users vividly visualize the thoughts that are going through their head, while they’re still awake.

Visualized thoughts

The second effect is also undoubtedly fascinating, mostly because the majority of cannabis users don’t dream after using weed.

This happens because cannabis prolongs the deep-sleep phase of sleep, which reduces the time spent in the REM (rapid-eye-movement) phase, which is the stage where intense dreaming occurs.

It seems that the presence of melatonin changes something within the brain, which allows users to both experience and remember their dreams while under the influence of weed.

This effect could be considered useful, as it’s pretty frustrating to miss out on dreaming all the time, which affects heavy cannabis users the most.

Contrarily, the lack of dreaming can be extremely beneficial for other people, for instance PTSD patients, who suffer from recurring haunting nightmares.


Natural melatonin production is crucial, and much more important than using supplementation.

Ways to achieve this is to keep lighting low before you go to sleep (no phone/computer/TV), sleeping in pitch-black darkness, and making sure not to turn on the lights if you’re taking a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Morning or afternoon daylight/sunlight exposure are also beneficial for your body’s ability to produce melatonin in an adequate time-frame.

Besides regulating the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle), melatonin is also a potent antioxidant and free-radical scavenger (3).

This implies that sufficient melatonin levels diminishes the risk of cancer (4), and de-accelerates the aging process (among numerous other benefits).

Lab-made synthetic melatonin supplements are usually made in pill form, and liquid sublingual products act the fastest, as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream (unlike melatonin pills which have to pass through the digestive tract).

Melatonin supplements should not be used if you’re pregnant or you’re breastfeeding, if you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, depression or a seizure disorder.

People suffering from high-blood pressure and diabetes should check with their healthcare practitioner before using melatonin supplements.

These supplements can also potentially increase blood pressure levels and raise blood-sugar in patients taking certain hypertension drugs.

To conclude, if you’re determined to experiment with weed and melatonin make sure to start low and go slow, and avoid continuous use at all costs, because we just don’t know if this combination is damaging to one’s health in the long run.


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32 thoughts on “Melatonin and Weed: What Happens When You Mix Them”

  1. Ok I can say from experience that mixing sleey time weed ( as I call it) with melatonin, has helped me get a deeper more restful nights sleep . It has been at least 10 years now.

  2. I mixed a 12.5 mg edible & 3mg of melatonin together. I found it to be a relaxing night of sleep typical to my cycridan rythm.


        • I would of loved it, I love tripping on weed, it’s the best but very hard to accomplish, it don’t work with a lot of weed you need the right strain. Your article is very insightful and I’m definitely going to rush out and buy myself a bottle of sublingual melatonin when the shops open. Thanks for your article.

      • With all due respect, his approach may have been raw, but he is also your teacher.

        You apparently did not understand what “do not take dab” meant, which implies you that you did know now what dabs were.

        His comment imparted you with wisdom. Now that you are aware of what dabs are, you are also aware that you should consider your options before mixing dabs with melatonin. This is a bit concerning for me as I recently consumed potent edibles and then took 10 milligrams of melatonin. I wish I was imparted with this wisdom prior to my actions, but at least now I am aware that “it may suck, but it’s going to be ok.”

        You can learn from any and every being, even a newborn child, or a newborn puppy, for that matter. Nobody sees the world the way you do from your eyes, and you cannot see the world that someone else sees.

        This is why I try to always be nice to the janitor, food delivery person, waiter, etc. Nobody is superior to me, and I am superior to no one.

        • A guy, I recently did exactly the same thing, taking 10 mils. of melatonin and 10 mils. of potent edibles, and I’m guessing from your post, you had a negative experience as well? I was high for almost a full 24 hours, and when I say high, I mean like wanting to cry because I “couldn’t even read the words on my computer high.”

          I came online looking for answers to see if there were any facts on the idea of synergistic effects, but nothing seems to be confirmed scientifically, but I can say from personal experience now, IT’S HELL!

          I hope this post can help others to avoid any more negative experiences, especially if you have dutiful responsibilities the next day!

      • I can say from experience, it is the WORST PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIENCE a normal person can have. Basically what happens. your body enters a state of sleep paralysis Super early. Buttttt Thats what I think happens I can’t back this up with any evidence or anything really lol. But all I’m saying rn is that worst combo.

      • I’ve have taken the 5mg lots but without weed but now I’m on 2.5mg of thc and 2.5 MG of cbc gummies and I want to know if it’s okay to take a 5mg of melatonin so bad idea I’m having trouble falling asleep

        • Hey Joleen, the recommended dose for melatonin is between 1 and 3 milligrams, and it’s also recommended not to consume melatonin supplements for a period longer than two months.

  4. I smoke regularly blunts or raw cones through the day so if I take 4 grams every night would I and when would I experience more vivid dreams

    • The advised dose of melatonin is between 1mg and 3mg, so if you take a dose of melatonin before going to sleep (and you’re already high), you should definitely experience vivid dreams at some point.

      • I’m a long time marijuana user 25 or so years. I do not remember my dreams ever. But I am trying to open my 3rd eye and need to remember my dreams. So I will try 1.5 melatonin tonight, and see if I remember. I had the idea of mixing them and started research and found this….pg. I sometimes give my daughter 0.5 to helo her sleep. I did talk to her doctor 1st. And knew the side effects of it and since I smoke i definitely know those side effects… anyway. Hope it works.

  5. Last night I took 12mg of melatonin and smoked a 1 gram blunt my head was spinning and I was super tired I tried to go to sleep but everytime I closed my eyes I got more dizzy and my arms and legs were shaking so I wouldn’t suggest combining the two I had a very bad experience and don’t want nobody to go through the same

    • Thank you for sharing Owen, but it’s safe to say that you’ve exceeded the limit for melatonin, since a typical dose ranges between 1mg and 3mg.

      • Hi, Im in the UK so we aren’t able to get melatonin here. I had some gifted from Canada luckily although they got me 10mg rather than 1-3mg. I have no other way of getting a different type.
        Is 10mg dangerous? I have combined and had bad experiences but I’m also a long term heavy herb smoker. I’ve cut down smoking a lot in the hopes less weed will avoid the head spins the above are referring to.

        Shall I avoid or give it a go? I cannot fall asleep naturally (life long issue hence the herb use). Although recently when I smoke, it feels as though my airways are restricted and I can’t breather freely so I’m trying to find an alternative to getting very stoned to sleep.


        • Hey Autumn, it’s probably best that you consume only a third or a forth of the 10mg dose. Also, if you plan to combine it with cannabis you can also try using a vaporizer, since the gentle weed vapor shouldn’t irritate your airways in the same manner as smoking.

          You can check out various vaping devices in our gear section –

  6. I’ve mixed these two before and my body feels so relaxed that it just wants to sleep. Definitely recommend. I did not trip or anything felt like my body just wanted to plop on the bed and crash. 🥳🥳🥳

  7. I have been using this combination for a month now (5mg melatonin and a 10mg edible, plus vaping/smoking) and it has been, unique. The mixture puts me into a waking, sleep like state where I’ve definitely experienced CEVs. After a time, it becomes impossible to keep my eyes open. I can also vouch for the dreaming aspect as well. My dreams (which before never happened or I could not remember them) became REALLY REALLY vivid! I can also remember most of my dreams upon waking up, which has been very cool. After reading this, I will probably drop my melatonin dose to 2-3mg instead of 5mg, and see how it goes.

  8. I have been having 5-7mg of melatonin and ~30mg of THC (for me 25-45 is comfortable) in edible form for a little while now. That’s my recipe most nights. While it definitely helps me to sleep eventually I do worry that I’m getting myself a bit conditioned and may face unwanted side-effects or dependencies eventually. I struggle with effective sleep and to have something that works, even if only for a while, is super empowering to other facets of my life. Marco, I also have some specific things I’d love to discuss with you on this topic if you’d be willing to reach out via e-mail. Cheers.


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