Most Canadians are familiar with the recreational cannabis roll out

In a new quarterly public opinion barometer conducted by Nanos Research in partnership with the Business of Cannabis platform, new information was revealed which shows how Canadians view and feel about the cannabis industry.

The new data provides in-depth insight, and will be an important new source for determining the actions in the following months within the industry.

Several differing question form the survey, and the data from the analysis shows that:

  • 42% of Canadians said that they are familiar, and 46% report that they are somewhat familiar with the current plans of provincial governments regarding the regulation of sales of cannabis. This large number shows that almost all eyes of Canada are currently focused on pot.
  • Support for legalization and retail distribution is apparent across all ages and provinces, with the data showing that those under 35 are strongest in their support (82.1%), which doesn’t come as a surprise of course. Those between the ages of 35-54 are quite favorable (67.6%), while the respondents over 55 years of age also don’t come too far behind (64.2%).
  • More than 60% of Canadians report that they feel somewhat, or completely uncomfortable consuming marijuana products with their families. The industry will have to take strong steps to ensure that cannabis gets the same level of normalization that alcohol has.

In an interview with Global News, Jay Rosenthal, the president of Business of Cannabis, elaborated on the fact that Canadians are not feeling OK with consuming cannabis next with their relatives: 

“I would argue that mentality is because most Canadians don’t necessarily understand the product variation [in cannabis] that exists today. Maybe it will never catch up with a beer with dinner, but I think that number will go up as people become more comfortable with it and realize you don’t have to smoke it.”

So far, the majority of provinces have announced their legalization plans, except for Nunavut, who is yet to create a legislative and announce it to the public. 

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