Nevada Opens Its Doors to Legal Recreational Marijuana

Just over 2 weeks ago, several laws passed back in 2015 have taken action, making both medical and recreational cannabis completely legal in Nevada. Today, Nevada has more than 40 registered dispensaries open for business, with more and more businesses looking to profit from the recent law change.

Nevada is now the 8th state in the US to oppose the federal prohibition and alongside California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and 4 more states with DC included. The legislators have legalized all growing, transportation, distribution and sales in Nevada, and one of the first people to buy legal weed in Nevada was no other than their State Representative, Senator Segerblom.

Nevada’s push on recreational marijuana puts it in some uncertain territory. Despite the continued efforts to decriminalize the use, cultivation and sale of marijuana at the state level, the plant remains illegal under federal law.

“The marijuana prohibition era is finally coming to an end in Nevada,” said Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, the drug policy reform group that backed the state’s measure to legalize. “Adults will now be able to purchase marijuana similarly to how they purchase alcohol, from regulated businesses rather than criminals in the illegal market.”

“Nevada is a major national and international tourist destination, which means it could become one of the largest adult-use marijuana markets in the nation,” Tvert told HuffPost. “It will really hinge on whether the state and localities adopt reasonable laws and regulations for allowing social consumption in certain venues. Tourists who can legally purchase marijuana need to have places where they can legally consume it.”

Given that Las Vegas and a couple other tourist favorite locations are located in the deserts of Nevada, it is likely to largely influence the economy of the state, as well as the general mood of the population.

Source: HuffPost

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