Nevada Senator Buys a Bag of Marijuana Named After Him

A couple of days ago another thing has been added to the Vegas trip must-do list: smoke legal marijuana. On July 1st the laws opening doors to recreational marijuana have taken action and one of the first people to buy legal weed was the Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom.

Senator Segerblom purchased a pre rolled-joint of none other but a strain named aptly after himself, Segerblom Haze. Shango Premium, a dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada, is where this purchase happened and will also be a starting line for all other dispensaries around the state.

Legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada is just another step forward in, what now seems to be, an unstoppable wave of legalization all around the country.  Nevada is now the 8th state to completely legalize possession, sales, and transportation of marijuana in the United States.

Another important thing to note that may have slipped your eye is that weed possession in any state will not land you a felony charge unless you have a large amount of it on you. This means that if you get caught with a dime bag in your pocket, the worst you’ll get is a fine and in most states, you won’t even spend the night in jail.

Given that two of its neighboring countries to the West have legalized marijuana on both medical and recreational level we can see how the legalization movement is slowly, but surely, moving further East. We can only hope that both the federal, and state governments will speed up their efforts in order to once and for all end the criminal status of marijuana.

It is still unclear how the people who are currently holding out their sentences be affected by their laws, as well as those awaiting trial. Hopefully, these new laws will include a certain degree of retroactive interference which will acquit inmates awaiting trial.

Source: Forbes

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