New Jersey will get an additional 100 medical marijuana dispensaries

The situation in New Jersey just turned from good to great, as residents found out that their state government approved another 100 medical marijuana dispensaries.

In April of 2018, governor Murphy called for major changes to be made in the NJ medical marijuana system, and only several weeks later the Assembly committee approved those changes, meaning his bill now awaits a full vote in that chamber.

This medical marijuana expansion bill has had unbelievably strong support, as the bipartisan effort to bring New Jersey up to speed continues.

But, the support also came from the public as well, and not only the politicians who were in on it.

“So far this is clearly the most comprehensive medical marijuana bill we’ve seen,” said Ken Wolski, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey.

Currently, the state has only 5 medical marijuana dispensaries open, with another location opening soon.

However, the bill which governor Murphy is pushing for will allow for an up to 92 additional dispensaries to be opened.

Shortages possible and likely

The biggest issue that could slow down the work these dispensaries are doing could be the potential shortage of marijuana in New Jersey.

The state is due to issue another 40 additional dispensaries and six additional marijuana growing licenses in order to stay in line with the new bill.

The bill also states that if the program fails to deliver medical marijuana to its patients, and shortages do happen, the state will issue potentially another 40 licenses for dispensaries and three additional cultivation licenses.

In the previous restrictive version of the bill, regulations have limited the number of strains medical marijuana providers could grow, but the new bill says that cultivators would be allowed to grow as many strains as they want.

Edibles will be also allowed in medical marijuana dispensaries.

The new bill will also give patients the opportunity to use any dispensary they want at any time, and not be only limited to one at a time as the current bill demands.

Patients will be allowed to buy up to four ounces per month, which is double the current allowed amount.

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