No country for old men: Senior US Senators shocked by Utah’s legalization

US Senator Cory Gardner had a funny moment during an interview in which he was explaining the reaction two Senior US Senators had when they heard Utah was about to legalize cannabis.

Some senior US Senators are very much out of touch with the reality.

So much so that the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell doesn’t even know Utah is about to legalize medical marijuana.

But that’s not even the funniest part. The funniest part was their reaction to the news of Utah’s legalization effort.

Tea, coffee and now this!

Senator Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, gave answers for an interview in which he was asked several funny questions.

When he was asked by the interviewer what is his story related to Mitch McConnel, the Senate Majority Leader, Senator Gardner told a rather interesting story.

During one of the debates regarding the tax reform bill, Gardner brought up the fact that many of the states legalized some form of marijuana, which should be taken into consideration for the bill.

Gardner said that 47 states have legalized some form of cannabis, CBD or medical marijuana. He followed up with a: “Even Utah is probably gonna legalize medical marijuana this year!”.

At that time, Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, was passing by. Senator Hatch is the third oldest US Senator (84 years old) and the second longest sitting Senator.

He’s held office for 41 years and started serving way back during the presidency of Gerald Ford.

Senator Hatch is also known for recently having this embarrassing moment in front of the cameras:

Senator McConnell isn’t that old, but he’s also been serving for 33 years and currently has 75.

They were both born before, or during World War 2, to put things into perspective. Way back before segregation ended and the US had only 48 states.

Now, to carry on with the story. Once Senator Gardner informed Senator McConnell of the situation in Utah, he asked Senator Hatch:

Orrin, is Utah really gonna legalize medical marijuana?

Senator Hatch, whose home state is Utah, looked down at his feet, folded his hands and said:

First tea, then coffee, and now this…

Let’s just stop right there. Once I realized what he said, I nearly choked laughing.

Isn’t it funny how the US still has incumbent Senators that remember tea and coffee being illegal as if they are 250 years old?

I never fail to find it funny how old people can be out of touch, but then you stop to think: “Why in the name of God are these guys making policies that will determine our future and the future of our kids for decades to come” and it’s not funny anymore.

In 1965 a constitutional amendment came into force requiring Senators to retire at age 75.

This is in part the reason why the US is so heavily behind Canada when it comes to cannabis policies.

Either way, the full video can be seen below. Fingers crossed Utah, you got this!


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