Nova Scotia Cannabis Plan to Be Announced by the End of 2017

Nova Scotians can expect the province’s marijuana plan by the end of 2017, as announced by Justice Minister Mark Furey.

Cannabis is supposed to be federally legalized by Canada Day in 2018.

“Our objective hopefully is by the end of the calendar year we’ll have a clear position on age and distribution,” he told reporters Thursday.

Last month, Nova Scotia ran a survey asking its residents about the specifics of the pot plan, mostly regarding issues like the legal age to purchase and use recreational cannabis, where it can be purchased and approved cannabis use locations.

31,000 people took part in the survey, and the results are supposed to come in within the next few days.

No specifics have been announced yet, as far as growing cannabis in private residences, the minimum age for possession, public consumption rules and such.

Nova Scotia consults stakeholders

Justice Minister Furey said the province “reached out extensively across multiple sectors,” including those in the health sector and other. The complete list of the 82 organizations and municipalities can be seen here.

“Those who are selling cannabis now illegally, it’s illegal. I don’t believe that I should be engaging in those discussions,” he said, on the count of consulting people already engaged in sales of recreational cannabis.

The federal government has set the minimum age for cannabis consumption to 18, and Justice Minister Furey said that there is no rush to decide the minimum age for Nova Scotia.

“This is not a race to the finish line. This is about getting it right. If someone underage is caught with it after it’s legalized, Furey said, the process would be similar to if an underage person was caught with it today.”

So far, only two provinces (Ontario and Alberta) have revealed their pot plans, and Alberta is still unsure regarding the retail model.

Source: CBC

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